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Monday, April 22

An Industrial Perspective on Micronized Cellulose

Dr. David E. Knox, MeadWestvaco Corporation, Richmond, VA
Physical Sciences Directorate Seminar
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM, Building 4100, Room J-302
Contact: Brenda Wyatt (, 865.574.3239


Micronized cellulose has been examined in many markets for enhancing the properties of substrates using pseudo-composite approaches. Key challenges in the manufacture of micronized cellulose include de-structuring of the fiber cell wall using a minimal amount of energy along with determining whether precursor chemical reactions need to be included in the manufacturing process to provide materials suitable for end use. The feedstock used for the manufacture of micronized cellulose has a significant effect on the energy required with thin-walled fibers generally showing lower energy inputs to get to lower particle sizes. Methodology employed for manufacture of micronized cellulose will be reviewed along with characterization techniques for the materials that are generated including surface hydroxyl groups, fiber crystallinity, and particle size measurements. Examples of where layered micro-cellulose has been used by itself or in conjunction with other additives for product reinforcement and enhancing surface properties will be discussed.