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Tuesday, April 23

Embedded Processing Tools:
We are In the Era of MicroController Magic

G. Randall Wethington, Jr., Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division, ORNL
ISA, Oak Ridge Section, Meeting
7:00 PM — 8:00 AM, Calhouns Restaurant in Bearden, 6515 Kingston Pike, Knoxville
Contact: Mat Merton (, 865.742.4572


Embedded systems are small computer systems with specific control functions operating within a larger system. These have grown in use and complexity and have shrunken in size. This topic will discuss how embedded processors are changing many industries and lives. This talk may be helpful if you think a BeagleBone is a part of a dog or a RaspberryPi is something you eat.

About the Speaker
Randall Wetherington is an R&D Staff Member in the Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division at ORNL. He has broad experience in the area of instrumentation and controls with major emphasis in systems design and integration, digital signal processing, and advanced data analysis methods. His is currently supporting two major CRADAs that involve adapting open source microcontroller technology for the operational control of a gas-operated residential heat pump, and gas centrifuge prognostics and diagnostics. He also has extensive experience in parallel systems design for the purposes of processing massive amounts of real-time data, high-performance network-based systems, and reliability/availability analysis and engineering.