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Tuesday, May 07

Functional Cationic Metallocene Polymers and
Renewable Bio-Based Polymers

Prof. Chuanbing Tang, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences Seminar
10:00 AM — 11:00 AM, Center or Nanophase Materials Sciences (Building 8610),
Room L-183
Contact: Kunlun Hong (, 865.574.4974


Macromolecular engineering allows the precision synthesis of structural details and complexities of macromolecules toward function-driven applications. This doctrine has been widely accepted across diverse fields of polymer science. We have adopted macromolecular engineering in conceptualizing, developing and expanding two research projects that are focused on central functional building blocks to design novel polymeric architectures. The first half of this presentation is about the introduction of cationic metallocene particularly 18-e cobaltocenium as a functional moiety into framework of ionic polyelectrolytes. The synthetic methodology encompasses from the derivatization of cobaltocenium monomers to controlled polymerization. Taking advantage of characteristic counter-ion dependent solubility, high structural stability and reversible redox chemistry of cobaltocenium, we have studied ion exchange, solution self-assembly of cobaltocenium-containing polyelectrolytes, and discovered new niche applications. The second half of this presentation will be focused on the development of renewable bio-based polymers from a class of hydrocarbon-rich biomass: natural resin acids. While synthesis of engineering polymers from simple thermoplastics to biodegradable block copolymers to biocomposites aim for sustainable materials, we will demonstrate how to utilize the unique structure and function of resin acids to develop a class of antimicrobial biomaterials.

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