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Tuesday, May 21

The "Gene" Within Metal-Organic Frameworks

Omar M. Yaghi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and
The University of California, Berkeley
CNMS Discovery Seminar Series
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM, SNS Central Laboratory and Office Building (8600),
Iran Thomas Auditorium (Room A-103)
Contact: Sean Smith (, 865.574.5081


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) represent an extensive class of porous crystals in which organic "struts" are linked by metal oxide units to make an open network. The flexibility with which their building units can be varied and their ultra-high porosity (up to 10,000 m2/g) have led to many applications in gas storage and separations for clean energy production, to mention a few. This lecture will focus on how one can design porosity within MOFs to affect highly selective separations (carbon dioxide), storage (hydrogen and methane) and molecular recognition. The lecture will also outline a new concept involving the design of heterogeneity within crystalline MOFs to yield "gene"-like sequences that code for specific separations and chemical transformations. The new concepts emerging from this research and their fit into the Molecular Foundry's scientific vision and operation will also be discussed.