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Monday, October 28

High-Dimensional Surprises Near the Glass and the Jamming Transitions

Patrick Charbonneau, Duke University, Durham, NC
Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences Seminar
1:00 PM — 2:00 PM, JINS (8630) Room A-202
Contact: Hope Moore-Webb (,


The glass problem is notoriously hard and controversial. Even at the mean-field level, there is little agreement about how a fluid turns sluggish while exhibiting but unremarkable structural changes. It is clear, however, that the process involves self-caging, which provides an order parameter for the transition, and that compression of hard sphere glasses generates jammed packings. This process has clear similarity with constraint-satisfaction problems on random graphs and algorithmic complexity, but its low-dimensional nature brings additional difficulties. Here, we will examine the complex relationship between non-Gaussian caging, dynamical fluctuations, and dimensionality in the breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein relation near the glass transition. The persistence of non-Gaussian caging in the jamming limit, which affects the mechanical stability of these packings, will also be examined. The dimensional perspective establishes clear mileposts for the emergence of a complete mean-field description of the glass and the jamming transitions.