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Thursday, January 30

Studying and Managing Multiple Ecosystem Services

Elena Bennett,, McGill University, Montreal
The Howard H. Baker Jr Center Presentation
3:30 PM — 5:00 PM, Toyota Auditorium, Howard Baker Center, UT Campus, 1640 Cumberland Avenue, Knoxville
Contact: Paul Armsworth (, 865.974.3067


Agricultural landscapes can provide multiple ecosystem services, including food, high quality freshwater, opportunities for recreation, and flood control. Yet, a narrow focus on food production can unintentionally undermine the delivery of other key services. I will present a new framework to quantitatively link landscape planning, biodiversity, and multiple ecosystem services and apply it to examine ecosystem services in an agricultural landscape in southern Quebec. This framework shows how landscape configuration, and especially the connectivity of forest patches in the agricultural and peri-urban milieu, affects biodiversity and the provision of several ecosystem services. I will use this framework to focus on interactions – especially trade-offs – between ecosystem services, and how we can manage these trade-offs to ensure provision of multiple services in multi-functional landscapes. I will also show how similar patterns of trade-offs occur in other "working" landscapes, such as forests, aquaculture areas, etc.

About the Speaker
Elena Bennett is an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Sciences and the McGill School of the Environment at McGill University. Her research focuses on the management of multiple ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes, and human impact on large-scale phosphorus cycling. She has won many awards and honors, including a Trottier Public Policy Fellowship in 2013, a Leopold Leadership Fellowship in 2011, and the Carrie M Derick Award for Graduate Supervision at McGill in 2013.