ORNL scientists probing the future of drug discovery

The WUOT radio podcast below takes a look at ORNL's carbon fiber research probram and it's partnerhsip with Roane State Community College. For more information on ORNL and its research and development activities, please refer to one of our Media Contacts.

When South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius appeared in the London Olympics on prosthetic legs made of carbon fiber, it's the first time many Americans had heard of this revolutionary new material. It's strong, lightweight and extremely expensive. Researchers in Oak Ridge are trying to figure out how to bring the cost down and if they succeed, East Tennessee could become a major player in the carbon fiber industry. But success is anything but guaranteed. In this two-part series, WUOT's Brandon Hollingsworth looks at Oak Ridge's carbon fiber gamble and Christine Jessel of the Southern Education Desk looks at how one East Tennessee college is attempting to train workers in this exciting and risky new venture.