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ORNL's Lindberg awarded sabbatical to conduct research in Germany

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., June 14, 1996 — Dr. Steven E. Lindberg, a researcher at the Department of Energy's (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), recently received a sabbatical award from the International Institute of Hydrophysics at the GKSS Research Centre to conduct research projects in Germany.

Lindberg, a senior research staff member and group leader for atmospheric and biomechanical cycling in the Environmental Sciences Division (ESD), will be conducting research on the environmental chemistry of mercury, specifically the atmospheric emission of mercury from wetland soils in the Elbe River floodplain. Lindberg and his colleagues developed the first micrometeorological method for direct in-air measurement of mercury fluxes over soils. He will perform various research activities for up to four months during 1996 and 1997.

Lindberg has been recognized both nationally and internationally for his studies on atmospheric deposition, trace metal chemistry and biogeochemical cycling. He has edited six books, authored or co-authored more than 155 papers, book chapters and reports, including more than 70 journal papers. Complimenting Lindberg's career are Alexander von Humbolt Foundation Award, ORNL/ESD Scientific Achievement Award, and several other awards and honors.

Lindberg first joined ORNL in 1974 as a research associate after earning a bachelor's degree in chemistry at Duke University in 1969 and master's degree in chemical oceanography at Florida State University in 1973. After receiving a doctorate in geochemistry from Florida State University in 1979, he became a research staff member in 1980. He became a senior research staff member in ESD in 1987.

Lindberg has also been active in the international academe. He was invited to teach at the University of Gottingen in Germany in 1987 and at the University of Lund in Sweden in 1995. He was also a visiting scientist at Swedish Environmental Research Institute in 1994. In the national academic scene, he was recently selected adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee and at the University of Michigan.

He is a resident of Kingston.

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