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ORNL distinguished scientist will chair molecular modeling workshop

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Oct. 30, 1997 — Dr. Peter Cummings of the Chemical Technology Division of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) will chair a National Science Foundation workshop Nov. 3 in Arlington, Va.

The workshop will be on the subject "Molecular Modeling and Simulation: Fundamentals and Applications." Forty authorities from academia, industry and government laboratories will participate in the workshop.

The chemical industry and chemical engineering profession have evolved in response to new technological and societal needs. The U.S. chemical industry has focused on the development of new products where precise control of final product properties is required. This and the creation and design of new products to meet specific demands can be done efficiently only by understanding the molecular behavior of these products. In recognition of this focus, the workshop will have three goals: .

- To survey the current state of the art in academic research and industrial practice in computational chemistry and molecular simulation, particularly as they apply to the chemical and processing industries.

- To identify major impediments to further progress in the field and the adoption of these methods by industry.

- To determine highly promising new directions for methodological developments and application areas.

Cummings is a member of the ORNL-University of Tennessee Distinguished Scientist program. He received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Newcastle (Australia) in 1976 and a doctorate in applied mathematics in 1980 from the University of Melbourne, He and his wife, Elizabeth, have two children and live in Oak Ridge.

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