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Appleton named ORNL deputy director for science and technology

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Feb. 15, 1999 — The following is an organizational announcement by Dr. Alvin Trivelpiece made to ORNL employees today: .

"I am pleased to announce that effective immediately Dr. Bill Appleton will be the Deputy Director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Science and Technology reporting to me. This promotion and newly created position reflects the need to meet the challenges that the changing circumstances at ORNL have caused.

"In particular, I have been concerned for some time that I have been neglecting certain areas of the laboratory's science and technology portfolio due to the demands on my time in other areas. In his new position, Bill will assume the responsibility to ensure that these areas receive proper attention and care. This will involve seeking to identify new science and technology opportunities for ORNL in the future, and to enhance our ability to efficiently and effectively perform the work we now have.

"In November of 1994, it became necessary to terminate work on the Advanced Neutron Source, and begin work on the Spallation Neutron Source. Bill took on the responsibility to lead the effort to conceive, design, construct, and operate the SNS at ORNL. To accomplish this goal, he established a novel collaboration involving four other national laboratories (Argonne, Lawrence Berkeley, Brookhaven and Los Alamos).

"This collaboration, under Bill's leadership, has been remarkably successful in conducting the work required to prepare the conceptual design that resulted in the FY 1999 funding level of $130 million and approval from Congress to initiate Title 1 Design and construction activities. This collaboration also breaks new ground in the Department's efforts to better utilize its national laboratories more as a system than a collection of independent institutions. Further, the SNS is included in the Administration's FY 2000 Budget at the planned funding level of $214 million. This funding level requires us to move aggressively into the construction phase. For this reason, it is imperative that we obtain additional technical leadership at ORNL to manage this construction phase of the work.

"Promoting Bill to Deputy Director for Science and Technology facilitates the acquisition of a Project Director with the appropriate construction experience needed to build the SNS. The new SNS Project Director will report to me and will be responsible for the SNS during its construction phase. Bill will work with the new SNS Project Director to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, in his new position, Bill will continue to work with me to help ensure that the SNS receives adequate funding.

"We all owe Bill a debt of gratitude for his tireless efforts over the past few years in bringing the SNS project to ORNL. Please give your full cooperation to Bill in his important new assignment."