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ORNL earns four federal lab awards

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Feb. 24, 2003 — The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has earned four awards in excellence in technology transfer for 2003 from the Federal Laboratory Consortium, which includes some 700 national laboratories throughout the United States.

The ORNL awards and 18 others will be presented May 7 in Tucson, Ariz. Four is the maximum number of awards one laboratory can receive.

The ORNL awards are for the following developments: * Automated image retrieval system for semiconductor yield improvement. * Expression data clustering analysis and visualization resource. * Carbon composite bipolar plate. * Any source, any position fluid-handling device.

The automated image retrieval system provides the only method available to the semiconductor industry to search and retrieve useful images from the hundreds of thousands collected by inspection systems. These images represent defective regions on integrated circuit devices collected during microscopy inspection of silicon wafers. The system uses content-based retrieval methods that key on visual characteristics such as color, texture and structure.

ORNL researchers working on this project are Regina Ferrell, Shaun Gleason, Bruce Jatko, Tom Karnowski, Ken Tobin and Bobby Whitus.

The expression data clustering analysis resource is a computer program designed to analyze the behavior of human genes in the study of biological systems or cells. The program, Excavator, allows researchers to observe changes of gene expression levels under designated experimental conditions.

ORNL researchers involved with Excavator are Dong Wu, Ying Xu and Victor Olman.

The carbon composite bipolar plate is made of fiber-reinforced carbon material that separates cells in a fuel cell and acts as an electrode and gas barrier. Slurry-molded fibers with molded flow channels are sealed with vapor deposited carbon. The technology has been licensed to Porvair Fuel Cell Technology.

Researchers working on this project are Ted Besmann, Tim Burchell, John Henry Jr. and James Klett.

The any source, any position fluid-handling device facilitates small-volume liquid transfer operations. Chemicals can be transferred in parallel from multiple sources to multiple targets. This can lead to faster discovery, development and availability of new drugs; faster medical diagnoses; and reduced costs for both. A cooperative research and development agreement with Rheodyne helped with the development of the system. This device also received an R&D 100 Award in 2002 from R&D magazine.

ORNL researchers involved with this project are Mitch Doktycz and Steven Hicks.

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