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Tuan Vo-Dinh named outstanding ORNL scientist

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Nov. 25, 2003 — Tuan Vo-Dinh, a UT-Battelle corporate fellow and researcher in the Life Sciences Division of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has been named recipient of the laboratory's 2003 Director's Award for outstanding individual accomplishment in science and technology.

Presented during the annual ORNL Awards Night ceremony in Knoxville, Vo-Dinh was honored "for his extraordinary scientific contributions over a 26-year career at ORNL, which includes numerous publications and innovations in the field of human health improvement and environmental protection."

Vo-Dinh's accomplishments also earned him the Distinguished Scientist Award for outstanding individual accomplishment in science and technology.

Vo-Dinh has published more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers, authored a textbook on microscopy and has edited four books. He recently served as editor-in-chief of a new handbook about biomedical photonics.

Vo-Dinh holds more than 26 patents – five of which have been licensed to environmental and biotech companies for commercial development. He has also received seven R&D 100 awards – the most recent earned in July for his development of the Raman Integrated Tunable Sensor (RAMiTS), which is a compact "point and shoot" monitor.

The Director's Award for outstanding team accomplishment was presented to a group from the Spallation Neutron Source's Accelerator Systems Division for important contributions in overcoming a critical roadblock for the low-level RF control system. The work was performed under constant scrutiny by an oversight board.

The team was composed of Jeffrey Ball, Mark Champion, Mark Crofford, Taylor Davidson, Hengjie Ma, Maurice Piller, Thomas Shea and Craig Swanson.

David Poker of the Condensed Matter Sciences Division earned the Director's Award for outstanding Individual accomplishment in laboratory operations for his many contributions in the areas of health and safety that have benefited both his division and the laboratory in general.

Gary Alley of the Engineering Science and Technology Division was presented the Director's Award for outstanding individual accomplishment in community service for his volunteer work with students at Roane County High School.

Thomas Thundat of the Life Sciences Division was named Inventor of the Year for the development of a new model for achieving biomolecular transport and separation using optical manipulation of surface charge.

Craig A. Blue of the Metals and Ceramics Division was named Distinguished Engineer for his innovative efforts in developing the engineering and science behind infrared heating of materials and devising ingenious ways to use high-power infrared heating to solve materials problems.

Daniel W. Bardayan of the Physics Division received the Early Career Award for Scientific Accomplishment for innovative precision spectroscopy measurements that clarify the production of elements and radioisotopes in exploding stars.

Robert M. Wagner of the Engineering Science and Technology Division earned the Early Career Award for Engineering Accomplishment. He was cited for excellence in engineering research on advanced engine controls and novel combustion regimes that are critical pathways for meeting the Department of Energy's dual goals of higher energy efficiency and lower emissions in transportation.

The award for engineering development by a team: Jeffrey A. Ball, Mark Champion, Mark Crofford, Taylor L. Davidson, Jr., Hengjie Ma, Maurice F. Piller, Jr., Thomas J. Shea, Craig Swanson, SNS Accelerator Systems. For demonstrating leadership in times of crisis in a technical area that involves collaboration with other national laboratories (Lawrence Berkeley and Los Alamos National Laboratories).

The award for scientific research by a team was presented to Donald B. Batchelor, Lee A. Berry, Mark D. Carter, Eduardo F. D'Azevedo and Fred Jaeger of the Fusion Energy and Computer Science and Mathematics Division for the development of the All-Orders Spectral Algorithm (AORSA) computer model for electromagnet wave interaction with magnetized plasmas that enables new physics insights and a quantitative understanding of a wide range of radio frequency-plasma interactions.

Other awards presented:

Outstanding Community Service Exceptional Volunteerism within ORNL by an individual: Carol J. Leffew Support Business Management. For her many and significant contributions of energy, enthusiasm, and selflessness to numerous worthy ORNL community initiatives.

Exceptional Volunteerism outside ORNL by an individual: Gary T. Alley, Engineering Science and Technology. For his outstanding contributions of time and resources to enrich the lives of others by putting their needs ahead of his own, thus exemplifying the true essence of a volunteer.

Exceptional Volunteerism by a team: Karen Garrett, Brenda Hackworth, Ed Mee, William M. Pardue and E. W. Seals, Communications and Community Outreach Directorate and Craft Resources. For outstanding leadership and coordination of volunteer teams to deliver timely and critical assistance to Morgan County families who suffered acutely from the November 2002 tornadoes.

Community Leadership: John David Randolph, Nuclear Science and Technology. For creation of and tireless leadership of the Blount County Sister City Organization.

Science Communicator: Gary J. Van Berkel, Chemical Sciences. For educating public officials about technology pertinent to Homeland Security and advancing ORNL's role in Homeland Security.

Outstanding Accomplishment in Laboratory Operations Administrative Support, exempt payroll: Allen E. Ekkebus, SNS Experimental Facilities. For his personal dedication in support of the Laboratory's mission of making ORNL the world center for neutron scattering.

Administrative Support, nonexempt payroll: Denise Overton, Engineering Science and Technology. For sustained accomplishment in providing exceptional administrative service in support of the Distributed Energy Resources Program. Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality: David B. Poker, Condensed Matter Sciences. For outstanding accomplishments that have greatly benefited the Condensed Matter Sciences Division and ORNL Environmental, Safety, Health, and Quality programs.

Integrated Safeguards and Security Management: Sandy Bolinsky, Contracts. For sustained support of the principles and core functions of Integrated Safeguards and Security Management and for significantly enhancing and promoting workplace security at ORNL by her direct action.

Work Force Diversity: Lynn A. Kszos, Environmental Sciences. For her commitment to increasing awareness of the value of a diverse work force at ORNL and in the Environmental Sciences Division.

Secretarial Support: Mary Anne Hensley, SNS Project Office. For unparalleled administrative ability, strong leadership, and exceptional initiative in her role as administrative secretary to the SNS Project Office staff.

Administrative and Operational Leadership at the Group Level: Paul F. Gubanc, Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities. For his tireless leadership, compelling presence, and commitment to operational excellence in the formation of the ORNL Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Division in its inaugural year.

Bargaining Unit Support by a team: Charles Bruce, Buddy Johnson, Louis Brummett, David Edington, Clarence Goins, David S. Harmon, Danny R. Hickman, Keith M. Phillips, Facilities Management and Craft Resources. For sustained excellence in operational support to the Spallation Neutron Source for temporary power service.

Operations Support by a team: Kathlyn Boudwin, Charles Bruce, W. Frederick Carden, Jr., James R. Lawson, Odell Frye, Dennis P. To, Russell D. Henderson, Larry L. Radcliffe, Judith S. Wilson, SNS Project, Facilities Management, SNS Conventional Facilities, Tennessee Valley Authority, Facilities Development, Department of Energy-Oak Ridge ORNL Site Office, Department of Energy-Oak Ridge Procurement and Contracts. For their exemplary leadership of an innovative, joint ORNL-Department of Energy-Tennessee Valley Authority effort that enabled the construction of the SNS 161-KV/70-MW substation, which resulted in a cost avoidance of approximately $4.84 million for the SNS project.

Outstanding Accomplishment in Science and Technology Technical Support: Hu Foster Longmire, Metals and Ceramics. For mastery of technically difficult tasks, contributions to work that is consistently featured on journal covers and technical calendars, and leadership that has earned him the reputation as the "go-to" person in the metallography lab.

R&D Leadership at the Group Level (two awards): John R. Haines, SNS Experimental Facilities. For extraordinary leadership skill as the coordinator of a multidisciplinary international team that enabled the team to make critical decisions on the design of the SNS target under severe time constraints, thus developing a path toward high- power operation. Edgar Lara-Curzio Metals and Ceramics. For excellence in leadership of the Mechanical Properties and Mechanics Group of the Metals and Ceramics Division, including mentoring of staff, revitalization of facilities, and development of programs.

R&D Leadership at the Director Level: Gordon E. Michaels, Nuclear Technology Program Office. For exemplary leadership and dedication as program director for the Nuclear Technology and Homeland Security programs.