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Audio Spot: ORNL seeks to improve biodiesel production

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Nov. 7, 2005 — Working toward better use of cooking grease, vegetable oil and soybeans to develop alternative energy fuel is the goal of research taking place at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

"We're using biodiesel in some of our fuels programs to see how it affects combustion - ways of burning it in engines with very low emissions," says Oak Ridge engineer John Storey.

Storey says more biodiesel is one way to make the United States more energy independent.

"It's a renewable source of energy," Storey says. "There is not enough of it certainly to replace the diesel that's out there that comes from petroleum. If we replace a little bit of it and people drive more efficiently in more efficient vehicles, then it will all help to reduce our dependence on foreign oil."

Three and a half million barrels of biodiesel are being produced in the United States annually and that number is expected to grow as states such as Minnesota and Iowa are requiring more use of biodiesel beginning in 2006.

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