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ORNL conference touts cleaner coal-burning technology

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., June 14, 2006 — A clean-coal researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory says technology exists to burn coal in power plants as clean and energy efficient as natural gas.

Rod Judkins, director of Oak Ridge's Fossil Energy program, says advanced clean coal technology, which is vital to meeting the nation's growing 21st century energy needs, is getting better.

"We are looking toward advanced systems that have much higher efficiency, that have much better control of emissions that may be harmful to the environment," says Judkins. "The technology is in place to generate electricity from coal just as cleanly as we do from natural gas."

Oak Ridge is taking the lead in helping to advance clean coal technology.

"We have six divisions that are actively engaged in fossil energy research," Judkins says. "This is a very broad based program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, We are presently working with five other national laboratories on this program, as well as a number of universities and other industrial research organizations."

Oak Ridge is hosting this week's 20th Annual Conference on Fossil Energy Materials in Knoxville.

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