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Audio Spot: New medicine therapeutics company is spinout from ORNL

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., June 10, 2008 — A Company, NellOne Therapeutics, has been formed through Battelle Ventures to research the potential for a new therapy that could help heart patients, according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientist Cymbeline Culiat.

"What we have done is actually identified a new pathway that triggers proliferation and maturation of certain types of tissues - most importantly heart muscle," Culiat says. "Based on this exciting basic science discovery, we are designing ways by which we can trigger the same pathway in heart muscle that has been damaged due to heart attack."

Battelle Ventures General Partner and NellOne acting CEO Tracy Warren says this could have a big impact in heart treatment.

"There are some specific unmet medical needs as related to cardiovascular therapies in our opinion," Warren says. "We believe that Oak Ridge and Dr. Culiat's discoveries and inventions around the NellOne protein are a great place to take and develop a product to service these needs. I think this is a great example of translational research with great science and an innovative researcher."

More information about NellOne is available at:

http://www.battelleventures.com/PDF Docs/2008/Nell_one_June 4 Web Final.pdf

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