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Cole garners ORNL's top individual award in science for 2009

ORNL’s David Cole has earned the UT-Battelle Director’s Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Science and Technology.
OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Nov. 6, 2009 — David Cole, a group leader in the Chemical Sciences Division of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has earned the UT-Battelle Director's Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Science and Technology.

Cole, who is group leader of the Aqueous Chemistry and Geochemistry Group, was honored for his exemplary planning, leadership, creativity and vision in growing ORNL's geochemistry program during the past year.

His efforts included developing key collaborations; motivating the group and orchestrating a broad proposal effort within the geosciences program, producing more than $8 million of funding that have resulted in new research opportunities within the laboratory.

ORNL Director Thom Mason recognized Cole, "For his leadership, creativity and exceptional management and motivational skills in growing the geosciences program at ORNL."

A team headed by David Mandrus of the Materials Science and Technology Division earned the Director's Award for Outstanding Team Accomplishment for moving quickly to study the properties of a new family of high-temperature superconductors and establishing a clear world leadership position for ORNL.

Their collective efforts resulted in the first synthesis of, and the first experimental and theoretical papers published on, these materials outside Japan and China.

These new superconductors could lead to such technologies as more energy efficient motors, ultra-strong magnets and improved conductors for power transmission.

Other members of the team are Andrew D. Christianson, Olivier A. Delaire, Mao-Hua Du, Mark D. Lumsden, Michael A. McGuire, Stephen E. Nagler, Brian C. Sales, Athena Safa-Sefat and David J. Singh.

Brenda Campbell of the laboratory's Physical Sciences Directorate office, earned the UT-Battelle Director's Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Laboratory Operations for establishing very high standards for administrative operations within her directorate. Campbell initiated a system for preparation of the directorate's peer-reviewed proposals that is currently being followed throughout ORNL.

Campbell also provided exceptional support to groups within the directorate in their quest to solicit new research opportunities.

Wanda McCroskey of the Business Management Division earned the Director's Award for Outstanding Community Service for her many contributions to the community. McCroskey is vice chair of the Anderson County Board of Education and has focused on the school system's Literacy Learning Project and development of a freshman academy for ninth graders.

McCroskey is also the first woman to be elected chair of the ORNL Federal Credit Union Board of Directors.

A full listing of honorees recognized at ORNL's Awards Night may be found at: http://www.ornl.gov/info/awards/awards09

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