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Clinton High students learn of area career opportunities

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Nov. 24, 2010 — Sixteen Clinton High School students learned about career opportunities in science and technology during a recent visit to the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce's Youth Leadership program encourages high school students to find their talents and pursue their career dreams while considering taking on positions of community leadership in the future.

"This is a credit course the students can take where we go visit different businesses and agencies to help them learn about Anderson County," said Rachelle Wilson, who leads the chamber's youth program. "The hope is that when students graduate and are ready to go to work, they will come back to Anderson County."

The group's laboratory tour had more meaning than just a morning off from school.

"We want to tell them about areas of opportunity that exist in Anderson County," Wilson said. "When you think of Anderson County, you specifically think of the lab here and the different areas they can learn from. This tour has been very informative and exposed students to a variety of jobs that are available in scientific fields. "

The youth have already focused on Anderson County agriculture and tourism, in addition to science and technology, during the first half of the school year. More venues will be pursued after Christmas.

"In January, it will be business and industry, and then in February it will be health and community resources," Wilson said. "In business and industry, we will visit businesses in Clinton from the small little one-shop mom-and-pop up to large employee plants. In health and community resources, they'll go to the hospital and also visit some of United Way agencies so they will see different resources that are available in the county."

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