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Welcome to the Chemical Sciences Division (CSD) site. CSD is a leader in chemical research and its application to issues of scientific and technological importance to the Department of Energy (DOE), the nation and industry. CSD conducts both fundamental and applied research using experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches.
Specific areas of research include:
Chemical biosciences;
Fluid Interface Reactions, Structures and Transport;
Geochemistry and aqueous solution chemistry;
Heterogeneous catalysis;
Laser spectroscopy;
Mass spectrometry;
Materials chemistry;
Molecular transformations and fuel chemistry;
Neutron science; Particular of soft materials;
Polymer, synthesis and characterization;
Radioactive materials characterization;
Separations chemistry;
Surface science and interfacial chemistry;
Theory, modeling and simulations.

If you have any questions as you visit our website, please contact the division office at (865) 574-4986.

Phillip F. Britt   
Chemical Sciences Division Director

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