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Contact List

Below are links to the leaders in the Chemical Sciences Division. These links will give you their telephone number, e-mail addresses and postal mailing addresses.

Phillip F. Britt, Division Director, Chemical Sciences Division

Kevin Hart, Leader, Applied Technology Group
Bruce Moyer, Leader, Chemical Separations Group
Dave Wesolowski, Leader, Geochemistry and Interfacial Sciences Group
M. Parans Paranthaman, Leader, Material Chemistry Group
Sheng Dia, Leader, Nanomaterials Chemistry Group
Joe Giaquinto, Leader, Nuclear Analytical Chemistry and Isotopics Laboratory
Gary Van Berkel, Leader, Mass Spectrometry and Laser Spectroscopy Group
Joe Pickel, Leader, Research Support Group
Alexei P. Sokolov, Leader, Soft Materials Group
Steve H. Overbury, Leader, Surface Chemistry & Catalysis Group

Division Administrative Specialist, Jennifer Shell
Division Finance Officer, Kristen Chorzelewski

See CSD Organization, for information about the groups.

Our general postal mailing address is:
Chemical Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P. O. Box 2008, MS-6129
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6129

If you are sending mail by carriers other than the U. S. Postal Service,
replace the P. O. Box 2008 with 1 Bethel Valley Road.

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