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Selected Publication:

Task 2

Wesolowski, D.J., Machesky, M.L., Ridley, M.K., Palmer, D.A., Zhang, Z., Fenter, P. Predota, M. and Cummings, P.T., “Ion adsorption on metal oxide surfaces to hydrothermal conditions”, ECS Trans.11, 167-180 (2008).

Machesky, M.L., Wesolowski, D.J., Ridley, M.K., Palmer, D.A., Rosenqvist, J., Lvov, S.N., Fedkin, M.V., Predota, M. and Vlcek, L., “The protonation behavior of metal oxide surfaces to hydrothermal conditions” ECS Trans. 11, 151-166 (2008).

Ross, N.L., Spencer, E.C., Levchenko, A.A., Kolesnikov, A.I., Wesolowski, D.J., Cole, D.R., Mamontov, E. and Vlcek, L., “Neutron scattering studies of surface water on metal oxide nanoparticles”, In Neutron Applications in the Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, (eds) L.Liang, R. Rinaldi and H. Schober , Springer, New York, 235-256 (2009).

Task 3

Cole, D. R., Herwig, K., Mamontov, E., and Larese, L. Z. (2006) Chapter 13. Neutron scattering and diffraction studies of fluids and fluid-solid interactions. In: Neutron Scattering in Earth Science, Rev. Mineral. Geochem., Vol. 63, H.-R. Wenk (ed.), 313-362.

Cole, D. R., Mamontov, E. and Rother, G. (2009) Chapter 19. Structure and dynamics of fluids in microporous earth and engineered materials. In: Neutron Applications in Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, L. Liang, R. Rinaldi and H. Schober, editors, Springer, 547-570.


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