CSD Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group
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Selected R&D Projects:

BullettSurface Structure Dependence of Selective Oxidation of Ethanol on Faceted CeO2 Nanocrystals

BullettHeterostructured BaSO4–SiO2 Mesoporous Materials As New Supports For Gold Nanoparticles In Low-temperature CO Oxidation

BullettRevealing the Atomic Surface Structures of CeO2 Nanocrystals via High Resolution Electron Microscopy

Dispersive Bonding Explains Chemical Attraction: Quinone on Onion-like Carbon Surfaces

Dynamics of Quinone on Onion-like Carbon Surfaces

Probing Defect Sites on CeO2 Nanocrystals with Well-Defined Surface Planes

BulletCharacterization of Ceria Thin Films Deposited On Ru(0001) and Metal Nanoparticles Supported on These Films

First-Principles Investigation of the Reactivity of Ceria and Ceria-Supported Metal Clusters

Probing Formate Structure of Cerium Oxide Thin Films: Reflection-Infrared and DFT Results

Modification of Au catalysts with Metal Oxide for CO Oxidation Reactions

Reaction Mechanisms for CO Oxidation over Au/FePO4 Catalyst

The Rational Design of Novel Supported Gold Catalysts

On the Active Au Species for Low Temperature CO Oxidation on Au/SiO2

Studies of Au Catalysts on Various Supports by EXAFS and XANES

Enhanced Metal-support Interactions for More Stable Catalysts

Support Reducibility Impacts Reaction Pathways

Multifunctional Organic Molecules React Differently On A Well-Characterized Oxide Surface

Direct Imaging of Catalyst Evolution with Atomic Resolution

EXAFS and FT-IR characterization of Mn and Li promoted titania-supported Rh Catalysts for CO Hydrogenation

BULLETLow-temperature Exfoliation of Multilayer-Graphene Material from FeCl3 and CH3NO2 Co-intercalated Graphite Compound

Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group

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