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Group Leader

  Steve H. Overbury
Ph. D. 1976, Physical Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley.
Surface chemistry and catalysis: surface reaction pathways by transient operando FTIR; molecular chemisorption by RAIRS; surface structure by ion scattering, STEM and TEM; surface chemistry by soft x-ray photoemission; temperature programmed reaction and surface transformations; surface chemistry and catalysis by Au and CeO2
E-mail: Overbury
Phone: (865) 574-5040 
Fax: (865) 241-5252
MS 6201

Group Staff

  Gilbert M. Brown
 Phone: (865) 576-2756
 Fax: (865) 241-4939
 E-mail: BrownG
 MS: 6119





   Edward W. Hagaman
 Phone: (865) 576-2751
 Fax: (865) 576-5235
 E-mail: HagamanE
 MS: 6201





  Michelle K. Kidder

 Phone: (865) 241-2159
 Fax: (865) 576-7956
 MS: 6197




Dan Lutterman

 Daniel A. Lutterman
 Phone: (865) 576-6162
 Fax: (865) 576-7956
 MS: 6197



   David R. Mullins
Ph. D. 1984, Physical Chemistry, University of Texas, Austin. Surface chemistry and catalysis. Surface chemical analysis by photoemission, photo absorption and temperature programmed desorption, surface structure by ion scattering. Particular interest in emission control catalysis and mesoporous materials. Spokesperson for the U12a Beam line at the National Synchrotron Light Source.
E-mail: Mullins
Phone: (865) 574-2796
(865) 241-5252
MS: 6201

Savara    Aditya (Ashi) Savara
Ph.D. 2008, Physical Chemistry, Northwestern University, Evanston.
Kinetics and mechanisms of surface chemistry and catalysis by RAIRS, mass spectrometry, effusive molecular beams, temperature programed reactions, statistical mechanics, and simulations. Particularly interested in exploiting spatial dynamics in catalysis.
Phone: (865) 576-6311
(865) 241-5252
MS 6201

   Zili Wu
PhD, 2001, Physical Chemistry, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. In situ/operando spectroscopic characterization of catalytic materials; Catalysis on metal oxide nanoparticles/clusters for hydrocarbon activation and conversion; Environmental catalysis; Special interest in photo-catalysis for hydrogen production and environmentally benign processes.

E-mail: Wu
Phone (865) 576-1080
(865) 241-5252
MS: 6493




Tracy Housewright

Phone (865) 574-5033
Fax (865) 241-5252
MS 6201







Lance Gill

  Lance Gill
   Phone: (865) 241-5326


Ph. D. 2012, Physical Chemistry, Oklahoma State University.  Ultra-fast MAS and typical ssNMR applied to surface chemistry and catalytic materials using NMR techniques to characterize oxide and mixed oxide surfaces;  catalysis on oxide nanoparticles; hydrocarbon activation and conversion on oxide surfaces; special interest in exploring the mechanistic aspects of catalytic progression on solid catalyst surfaces.


Amanda Mann

  Amanda Mann
   Phone: (865) 576-0171


Ph. D. 2012, Inorganic Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington. Synthesis and characterization of shape- and architecturally-controlled materials, including metal oxides, metal sulfides, composite materials, and noble metals; SEM/EDX, TEM, BET; photocatalysis; photoelectrocatalysis; gas-phase catalysis; temperature programmed reaction and transformations of oxygenates with a focus on CeO2-based materials; Special interest in how catalytic studies can guide the synthesis of advanced materials.


Li Zhang


   Li Zhang

    Phone: (865) 574-4418

Ph.D. 2009, Environmental Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.
Heterogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Material Study: Research on developing the rare earth material used as a catalyst in the catalytic reactions such as dehydrogenation reaction of ethyl benzene to produce styrene; Phenol Hydrogenation to Cyclohexanone; investigating the in situ reaction mechanism  and catalytic kinetics by using Operando FTIR, Raman  technique.


Zhiyong Jerry Zhang

   Zhiyong ‘Jerry” Zhang
    Phone: (865) 241-2647

Ph.D. 2012, Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University. Novel electrocatalysts development for fuel cell applications. Electrocatalytic biomass conversion into valuable chemicals. Proton coupled electron transfer (PCET) reactions at fluid-solid interfaces. Particularly interested in the catalytic role of fluid-solid interfaces during oxygen and CO2 reduction reactions.

Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group

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