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The Applied Technology Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducts applied research and development directed at improved analytical and process methodology for environmental contaminants in the broadest sense. Studies range from the development of new mass spectrometric technology and instrumentation for detection of chemical and biological warfare agents in the battlefield environment to verification of the performance of commercially available technology related to field analytical chemistry at hazardous waste sites. Sampling and characterization of airborne materials is a particular strength.

Core areas of expertise include:

  •  Chemical/biological warfare agent detection/identification for homeland and  battlefield defense.
  •  Development and application of new analytical methods for environmental  contaminants, environmental decomposition products of chemical warfare  agent manufacturing and cadavers.
  •  Development and application of new sub-surface sampling and  characterization  technology.
  •  Complex aerosol characterization and exposure assessment, with particular  emphasis on environmental tobacco smoke and associated materials.
  •  Advanced sensing technology for environmental detection.
  •  Energy efficient process and materials chemistry, and advanced methods for  chemical remediation.
  •  Characterization of explosives residues and biotransformation products of  explosives - contaminated soils.
  •  Field analytical instrumental performance verification.
  •  Software development for data acquisition, control, and recognition.

For more information, contact Kevin Hart at (865) 241-5187.

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