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Selected R&D Projects

Calix[4]pyrrole Discovered to Form Supramolecular Self-Assemblies with Cations and Anions

Cover Article in Angewandte Chemie
Bruce A. Moyer, Radu Custelcean, Lætitia H. Delmau,
Jonathan L. Sessler, and Philip A. Gale

pH-Switchable Cesium Extractants Show Promise for More Efficient Waste Cleanup

Cleanup of High-Level Waste Benefits from Fundamental Studies on Crown Ethers

Novel Process Employs Crown Ethers for Removing Technetium from Alkaline Waste Solutions

A Novel Bifunctional Anion Exchange Resin Shows Promise for Tough Groundwater Cleanup Problems

Discovery of Synergism Changes Course of Research on Crown Ethers for Extraction of Metal Ions

Modeling Program Is Most Powerful Computational Tool Available for Unraveling Liquid-Liquid Extraction Data

Basic Research Reduced Cost of Uranium Production

Solvent-Extraction Research Provides Basis for Commercialization of Sensitive Analytical Methodology

Sensitive Instrumentation for Measuring Radionuclides has Revolutionized Radioanalytical Laboratories

X-ray Structures Answer Old Riddles Relevant to Today's Nuclear-Waste Treatment

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