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Laser Spectroscopy for Nanoscale Chemical Imaging:

Meyer, K. A.; Ng, K. C.; Zeng, Tingying; Whitten, W. B.; Shaw, R. W. “Single Photon Emission from Oriented Individual Indium Phosphide Nanoparticles.” J. of Nanoparticle Research, submitted.

Pistner, A. J., Lutterman, D. A., Ghidiu, M. J., Ma, Y.-Z., and Rosenthal, J., “Synthesis, electrochemistry and photophysics of a family of phlorin macrocycles that display cooperative fluoride binding,” J. Am. Chem. Soc. In press.

Ma, Y.-Z., Shaw, R. W., Yu, X. O’Neill, H. M., and Hong, K., “Excited-state dynamics of water-soluble polythiophene derivatives: Temperature and side-chain length effects,” J. Phys. Chem. B 116, 14451-14460 (2012).

Ma, Y.-Z., Xiao, K., and Shaw, R. W., “Exciton-exciton annihilation in copper-phthalocyanine single-crystal nanowires,” J. Phys. Chem. C 116, 21588-21593 (2012).

Cimatu, K. A.; Mahurin, S. M.; Meyer, K. A.; Shaw, R. W. "Nanoscale Chemical Imaging of Zinc Oxide Nanowire Corrosion." J. Phys. Chem. C, 116, 10405-10414 (2012).

Meyer, K. A.; Polemi, Alessia; Shuford, K. L.; Whitten, W. B.; and Shaw, R. W.  “Surface coating effects on the assembly of gold nanospheres,”  Nanotechnology, 21, 415701 (7pp) (2010).

Meyer, K. A.; Ng, K. C.; Bu, Z.; Pan, Z.; Whitten, W. B.; Shaw, R. W. "Combined Apertureless Near-Field Optical Second-Harmonic Generation/Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging and Nanoscale Limit of Detection," Appl. Spectroscopy, 64, 1 (2010).    
***Winner of the 2010 William F. Meggers Award from the Society for Applied Spectroscopy***

Bradshaw, J. A.; Ovchinnikova, O. S.; Meyer, K. A.; Goeringer, D. E. "Combined chemical and topographic imaging at atmospheric pressure via microprobe laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry-atomic force microscopy." Rapid. Commun. Mass Spectrom., 23, 3781-3786 (2009).

Meyer, K. A.; Ovchinnikova, O.; Ng, K.; and Goeringer, D. E. “Development of a scanning surface probe for nanoscale tip-enhanced desorption/ablation,” Review of Scientific Instruments, 79, 123710 (2008)

Kesanli, B., K. Hong, K.A. Meyer, H.-J. Im, and S. Dai, "Highly Efficient Solid State Neutron Scintillators based on Hybrid Sol-gel Nanocomposite Materials," Appl. Phys. Lett., 89, 214104 (2006).

Corrugated Thin Diamond Foils for SNS H- Injection Stripping:

Plum, M. A.; Cousineau, S. M.; Galambos, J.; Kim, S. H.; Ladd, P.; Luck, C. F.; Peters, C. C.; Polsky, Y.; Shaw, R. W.; Macek, R. J.; Raparia, D. "Stripper foil failure modes and cures at the Oak Ridge Spallation Neutron Source Phys. Rev." Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams, 14, 030102 (2011).

Shaw, R. W.; Bontrager, D. P.; Wilson, L. L.; Feigerle, C. S.; Luck, C. F.; Plum, M. A.; "An electron beam SNS foil test stand," Particle Accelerator Conference – 2009 (PAC09). Vancouver, Canada, May 4-9, 2009, TU6RFP042.

Spickermann, T., M.J. Borden, R.J. Macek, R.W. Shaw, C.S. Feigerle, and I. Sugai, "Comparison of Carbon and Corrugated Diamond Stripper Foils under Operational Conditions at the Los Alamos PSR," Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Resh. A, 590, 25-31 (2008).

Plum, M.A., J. Holmes, R.W. Shaw, and C.S. Feigerle, "SNS Stripper Foil Development Program," Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Resh. A, 590, 43-46 (2008).

Shaw, R.W., M.A. Plum, L.L. Wilson, C.F. Luck, A.G. McDermott, Y.-J. Chen, R.L. Coleman, D.M. Gardner, C.S. Feigerle,T. Spickermann, M.J. Borden, "Diamond Stripper Foil Experience at SNS and PSR," 2008 European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC2008), Genoa, Italy, THPPO86.

Shaw, R.W., C.S. Feigerle, L.L. Wilson, M.A. Plum, T. Spickermann, M.J. Borden, Y. Irie, I. Sugai, and A. Takagi, "Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Diamond Stripper Foil Development," 2007 Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC2007), Albuquerque, NM, p. 620.

Shaw, R.W., C.S. Feigerle, L.L. Wilson, M.E. Peretich, R.N. Potter, V.A. Davis, and C.J. Liaw, "Corrugated thin diamond foils for SNS H- Injection Stripping," 2005 Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC05), Knoxville, TN, p. 2152.

Shaw, R.W., A.D. Herr, C.S. Feigerle, R.I. Cutler, C.J. Liaw, and Y.Y. Lee, "Thin diamond films for SNS H- injection stripping," 2003 Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC2003), Portland, OR, p. 617. For on-line extended PAC abstracts, see the JACoW web site (www.jacow.org/).

Computational Nanophotonics:

Bok, H.-M.; Shuford, K. L.; Jeong, E.; Park, S. "Intra-Surface Plasmon Coupling in Gold Naonrods with Heterogeneous Surface Morphology," Chem. Commun., 46, 982-984 (2010).

Bok, H.-M.; Shuford, K. L.; Kim, S.; Kim, S. K.; Park, S. "Multiple Surface Plasmon Modes for Gold/Silver Alloy Nanorods," Langmuir, 25, 5266-5270 (2009).

Shuford, K. L.; Meyer, K. A.; Li, C.; Cho, S. O.; Whitten, W. B.; Shaw, R. W. "Computational and Experimental Evaluation of Nanoparticle Coupling," Invited Paper. J. Phys. Chem. A, 113, 4009-4014 (2009).

Shuford K. L.; Park, S. "Nanoparticle Optics of Complex Nanorod Architectures," Invited Paper, Proc. SPIE, 7395, 739517 (2009).

Bok, H.-M., K.L. Shuford, S. Kim, and S. Park, "Multipole Surface Plasmon Modes for a Colloidal Solution of Nanoporous Gold Nanorods and Their Comparison to Smooth Gold Nanorods," Nano Lett., 8, 2265-2270 (2008).

Kim, S., K.L. Shuford, H.-M. Bok, S.K. Kim, and S. Park, "Intraparticle Surface Plasmon Coupling in One-Dimensional Nanostructures," Nano Lett., 8, 800-804 (2008).

Li, C.; Shuford, K. L.; Chen, M.; Lee, E. J.; Cho, S. O. "A Facile Polyol Route to Uniform Gold Octahedra with Tailorable Size and Their Optical Properties," ACS Nano, 2, 1760-1769 (2008).

Shuford, K. L.; Meyer, K. A.; Li, C.; Cho, S. O.; Whitten, W. B.; Shaw, R. W. "Nanoscale Coupling Effects on Single Particle Microscopy," Invited Paper, Proc. SPIE, 7033, 7033I, (2008).

Analytical Spectroscopy using Entangled Photons:

Zhao, Z., K.A. Meyer, W.B. Whitten, and R.W. Shaw, "Optical Absorption Measurements with Parametric Downconverted Photons," Anal. Chem., 80, 7635-7638 (2008).

Zhao, Z., K.A. Meyer, W.B. Whitten, R.W. Shaw, R.S. Bennink, and W.P. Grice, "Observation of Spectral Asymmetry in cw-pumped type-II Spontaneous Parametric Down-conversion," Phys. Rev. A, 77, 063828 (2008).

Micrometer Scale Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers:

Pau, S., W.B. Whitten, and J.M. Ramsey, "Planar Geometry for Trapping and Separating Ions and Charged Particles," Anal. Chem., 79, 6857-6861 (2007).

Pau, S., C.S. Pai, Y.L. Low, J. Moxom, P.T.A. Reilly, W.B. Whitten, and J.M. Ramsey, "Microfabricated Quadrupole Ion Trap for Mass Spectrometer Applications," Phys. Rev. Lett., 96, 120801 (2006).

Harris, W.A., P.T.A. Reilly, W.B. Whitten, and J.M. Ramsey, "Transportable Real-time Single-particle Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer," Rev. Sci. Instrum., 76, 064102 (2005).

Whitten, W.B., P.T.A. Reilly, and J.M. Ramsey, "High-pressure Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry," Rapid. Commun. Mass Spectrom., 18, 1749-1752 (2004).

Laser Spectroscopy for Molecular Dynamics Near Energy Storage Electrode Interfaces:

Li, S.; Banuelos, J. L.; Guo, J.; Anovitz, L.; Rother, R.; Shaw, R. W.; Hillesheim, P. C.; Dai, S.; Baker, G. A.; Cummings, P. T. "Alkyl Chain Length and Temperature Effects on Structural Properties of Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic Liquids: A Combined Atomistic Simulation and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Study." J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 3, 125-130.(2012).

Guo, J.; Han, K. S.; Mahurin, S. M.; Baker, G. A.; Hillesheim, P. C.; Dai, S.; Hagaman, E. W.; Shaw, R. W. "Rotational and translational dynamics of rhodamine 6G in a pyrrolidinium ionic liquid: A combined time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy decay and NMR study." J. Phys. Chem. B,116, 7883-7890 (2012).

Guo, J. C.; Baker, G. A.; Hillesheim, P. C.; Dai, S.; Shaw, R. W.; Mahurin, S. M. "Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy evidence for structural heterogeneity in ionic liquids Phys. Chem." Chem. Phys., 13, 12395-12398 (2011).


Wadhwa, A.; Foote, R. S.; Shaw, R. W.; Eda, S. "Bead-based microfluidic immunoassay for diagnosis of Johne's disease." Journal of Immunological Methods, 382, 196-202 (2012).

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