CSD Organic and Biological Mass Spectrometry Group
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 Group Leader

Gary J. Van Berkel
, Ph.D.
Phone (865) 574-1922
Fax (865) 574-4961
Email: G. J. Van Berkel
MS 6131

 Group Staff

Keiji Asano
 Keiji G. Asano
 Phone (865) 574-7469
 Email: K. G. Asano


Karuna Chourey
 Karuna Chourey, Ph.D.
 Phone (865) 574-2848
 Email: K. Chourey


Benjamin L. Doughty, Ph.D.
Email: B. L. Doughty


 Richard. J. Giannone, Ph.D.
 Phone (865) 241-3507
 Email: R. J. Giannone


Robert Hettich
 Robert (Bob) L. Hettich, Ph.D.
 Phone (865) 574-4968
 Email: R. L. Hettich


 Greg B. Hurst, Ph.D.
 Phone (865) 574-6142
 Email: G. B. Hurst


Vilmos Kertesz
 Vilmos Kertesz
, Ph.D.
 Phone: (865) 574-3469
 E-mail: V. Kertesz


Yingzhong Ma

 Yingzhong Ma
, Ph.D.
 Phone: (865) 574-7213
 E-Mail: Y. Ma


 Olga Ovchinnikova, Ph.D.
 Phone (865) 574-4871
 Email: O. S. Ovchinnikova

  William B. Whitten, Ph.D.
 Phone: (865) 574-4921
 E-Mail: W. B. Whitten

 Leslie L. Wilson
 Phone: (865) 574-4922
 E-Mai: L. L. Wilson


Becky R. Maggard

Phone (865) 574-2456
Fax (865) 574-4961
Email: B. R. Maggard


Paul Abraham
Phone (865) 241-2920
Email: P. Abraham

John (Jack) Cahill
Phone (865) 574-4878
J. Cahill

Mary Jane Simpson
Phone (865) 3424
M. Simpson

Tamin Tai
Phone (865) 574-4878
T. Tai







Graduate Students

Sarvesh Iyer /UT-GST
Chen Qian /UT-GST
Weili Xiong/UT-GST

UT-GST - University of Tennessee, Knoxville,
Genome Science and Technology

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Rev: January 2015