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Experimental Laboratories

Our labs are in building 4100. Dielectric spectroscopy laboratory is equipped with Novocontrol Concept-80 system that covers the frequency range from 3*109 Hz down to 10-5 Hz. In addition, Agilent network analyzer expands the frequency range up to 50GHz.  The spectrometers cover the temperature range from 100K up to 500K and pressure range up to 1 GPa.

Optical laboratory is equipped with light scattering spectroscopy that currently includes (i) Brillouin scattering spectroscopy (Tandem Fabry-Perot Interferometer, Sandercock model); (ii) Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (ALV correlator, equipped with cross-correlation options); (iii) Several lasers; (iv) cryostats and furnaces that cover temperature range from 80K up to 500K, with an optical anvil cells that provides pressure up to 2 GPa. These spectrometers combined cover the entire frequency range from 1012 Hz down to 10-3 Hz. We also have several microscopes, including one for the contact angle measurements, rheometer, and various equipments for samples preparation.

Our group has also experimental laboratories at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) that currently has more advanced light scattering technique, including micro-Raman system.

Soft Materials Group

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