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Miroslaw S. Gruszkiewicz

Research Staff

Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Brigham Young University, 1993

Aqueous Chemistry & Geochemistry Group Member, 1995 to Present

Research Interests:

High-temperature solution thermodynamics:
    > volumetric properties,
    > calorimetry,
    > vapor-liquid equilibria,
    > critical phenomena, and
    > solubility;

Adsorption in porous materials and properties of confined fluids;

High-temperature electrolytic conductivity;

Power plant steam cycle chemistry;

Numerical modeling of thermophysical properties and phase equilibria.


Professional Societies:

Calorimetry Conference
     > Board of Directors member (2002-2008),
     > Chair (2005 -2006)

 International Advisory Board - PowerPlant Chemistry

Selected Publications

  1. Gruszkiewicz, M. S. Naney, M. T., Blencoe, J. G., Cole, D. R., Pashin, J. C., and Carroll, R. E. Adsorption kinetics of CO2, CH4, and their equimolar mixture on coal from the Black Warrior Basin, West-Central Alabama. Int. J. Coal Geology (2009) 77, 23-33.
  2. Valyashko V. M. and Gruszkiewicz M. S. Calorimetric Properties of Hydrothermal Solutions. In Hydrothermal Properties of Materials, Edited by V. Valyashko, Wiley (2008).
  3. Gruszkiewicz, M. S., Palmer, D. A., Springer, R. D., Wang, P. M., and Anderko, A. Phase Behavior of Aqueous Na-K-Mg-Ca-Cl-NO3 Mixtures: Isopiestic Measurements and Thermodynamic Modeling. J. Sol. Chem. (2007) 36, 723-756.
  4. Anovitz, L. M., Riciputi, L. R., Cole, D. R., Elam, J. M., and Gruszkiewicz, M. S. The Effect of Changes in Relative Humidity on Rates of Obsidian Hydration. J. Non-Crystalline Solids (2006) 352, 5652-5662.
  5. Gruszkiewicz, M. S. and Simonson, J. M. Vapor Pressures and Isopiestic Molalities of Concentrated CaCl2(aq), CaBr2(aq), and NaCl(aq) to T=573.15 K. J. Chem. Thermodynamics (2005) 37, 906-930.
  6. Striolo, A., Gubbins, K. E., Gruszkiewicz, M. S., Cole, D. R., Simonson, J. M., Chialvo, A. A., Cummings, P. T., Burchell, T. D., and More, K. L. Effect of Temperature on the Adsorption of Water in Porous Carbons. Langmuir (2005) 21, 9457-9467.
  7. Gruszkiewicz, M. S., Simonson, J. M., Burchell, T. D., and Cole, D. R. Water Adsorption and Desorption on Microporous Solids at Elevated Temperature. J. Therm. Anal. Cal. (2005) 81, 609-615.
  8. Gruszkiewicz M. S. and Palmer, D. A. Modeling the Behavior of Formate, Acetate, and Carbon Dioxide in Water/Steam Cycles. PowerPlant Chemistry (2005) 7(11), 644-655.
  9. Gruszkiewicz, M. S., Horita, J., Simonson, J. M., Mesmer, R. E., and Hulen, J. B. Water Adsorption at High Temperature on Core Samples from The Geysers Geothermal Field, California. Geothermics (2001) 30, 269-302.
  10. Ho, P. C., Palmer, D. A., and Gruszkiewicz, M. S. Conductivity Measurements of Dilute Aqueous HCl Solutions to High Temperatures and Pressures Using a Flow-Through Cell. J. Phys. Chem. B (2001) 105, 1260-1266.

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