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Richard MayesRichard Mayes

Staff Inorganic Chemist

BS, Chemistry, Tennessee Technological University, 2001
MS, Chemistry, Tennessee Technological University, 2003
PhD, Chemistry, University of Tennessee, 2009

ORISE Post-doctoral Research Associate,  Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2009 - 2011
Research Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2011 - Present

Research Interests:

Porous materials

Development of heavy metal sorbents


Energy storage and conversion


Professional Societies:

American Chemical Society

Electrochemical Society

Sigma Xi


Selected Publications:

  1. Zhai, Yunpu; Dou, Yuqian; Zhao, Dongyuan; Fulvio, Pasquale F.; Mayes, Richard T.; Dai, Sheng. “Carbon Materials for Chemical Capacitive Energy Storage.”  Advanced Materials, in press, DOI:  10.1002/adma.20110984.

  2. Fulvio, Pasquale F.; Mayes, Richard T.; Bauer, John C.; Wang, Xiqing; Mahurin, Shannon M.; Veith, Gabriel M.; Dai, Sheng.  "One-Pot' Synthesis of Phophorylated Mesoporous Carbon Heterogeneous Catalysts with Tailored Surface Acidity."  Catalysis Today, in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.cattod.2011.08.004.

  3. Fulvio, Pasquale F.; Mayes, Richard T.; Wang, Xiqing; Mahurin, Shannon M.; Bauer, John C.; Presser, Volker; McDonough, John; Gogotsi, Yuri; Dai, Sheng.  "'Brick-and-Mortar' Self-Assembly Approach to Graphitic Mesoporous Carbon Nanocomposites."  Advanced Functional Materials, 2011, 21(12), 2208-2215.

  4. Lee, Ming-Yung; Jiao, Jian; Mayes, Richard; Hagaman, Edward; Barnes, Craig E. “The Targeted Synthesis of Single Site Vanadyl Species on the Surface and in the Framework of Silicate Building Block Materials.” Catalysis Today, 2011, 160(1), 153-164.

  5. Fulvio, Pasquale F.; Lee, Je Seung, Mayes; Richard T.; Wang, Xiqing; Mahurin, Shannon M.; Dai, Sheng. "Boron and Nitrogen-Rich Carbons from Ionic Liquid Precursors with Tailorable Surface Properties."  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2011, 13, 13486-13491.

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