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Xiao-Guang SunXiao-Guang Sun

Research Staff

BE, Polym. Material, Jilin Institute of Engineering, China, 1991
MS, Polymer Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, China,1994
PhD., Chemistry, Arizona State University, Tempe, 2001

Postdoc Research Associate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2002 - 2004
Associate Research Scientist, Arizona State University, 2004 - 2009

Research Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2009 - Present

Research Interests:

Synthesis of novel organic lithium salts, liquid and polymer electrolytes for rechargeable lithium ion batteries and capacitors.

Electrochemical measurements and cell performance evaluation of Li ion batteries and capacitors.

Surface modification of electrodes to improve coulomb efficiency as well as cycle and calendar life of the Li-ion batteries and capacitors.

U.S. Patents Issued:

  1. C. A. Angell, Xiao-Guang Sun, Non-aqueous electrolyte solution for rechargeable lithium batteries, PCT Int. Appl.  (2009), 69pp. PCT/US2008/078008,  WO  2009042958  A1  20090402  AN 2009:38514 , Priority date, 03/27/2007
  2. C. A. Angell, D. F. Gervasio, Xiao-Guang Sun, Polymer membranes and ionic liquids for alkaline fuel cells and batteries, Provisional patent filed on October 23, 2008, US serial number 61/107,990, Priority date, 10/23/2008.
  3. C. A. Angell, Xiao-Guang Sun, Electric current-producing device having sulfone-based electrolyte. U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2007); US 20070298326, PCT 11/780,416, filed on 07/19/2007, Priority date, 01/19/2005.
  4. C. A. Angell, Xiao-Guang Sun, J. P. Belieres, D. F. Gervasio, Neutral Protic-Salt Electrolytes and Protic-Salt Imbibed Polymer Membranes for High Temperature Fuel Cell Applications,  U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2007), US 2007122675. PCT Int. Appl. No 11/535,467, filed on 09/26/2006.
  5. C. A. Angell, W. Xu, and Xiao-Guang Sun, “Solid polymeric electrolytes for lithium batteries”, U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2006), 36pp, US 20060189776, PCT Int. Appl. No 11/371,861, filed on 03/07/2006.
  6. C. A. Angell, Wu Xu, and Xiao-Guang Sun, Solid Polymeric Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries, US patent No 7,012,124.

Professional Societies:

 Electrochemical Society
 American Chemical Society

Selected Publications:

  1. Nan Shao, Xiao-Guang Sun, Sheng Dai, De-en Jiang, Electrochemical Windows of Sulfone-Based Electrolytes for High-Voltage Li-Ion Batteries, Journal of Physical Chemistry B115(42), 12120-12125 (2011).
  2. Fulvio, Pasquale F.; Brown, Suree S.; Adcock, Jamie; Mayes, Richard T.; Guo, Bingkun; Xiao-Guang Sun, Shannon M. Mahurin, Gabriel M. Veith, Sheng Dai, Low-Temperature Fluorination of Soft-Templated Mesoporous Carbons for a High-Power Lithium/Carbon Fluoride Battery, Chemistry of Materials23(20), 4420-4427 (2011) .
  3. Philip Griffin, Alexander L. Agapov, Alexander Kisliuk, Xiao-Guang Sun, Sheng Dai, Vladimir N. Novikov, Alexei P. Sokolov, Decoupling charge transport from the structural dynamics in room temperature ionic liquids,   Journal of Chemical Physics135(11), 114509/1-114509/8 (2011).
  4. Chen Liao, Xiang Zhu, Xiao-Guang Sun,  Sheng Dai, Investigation of carbon-2 substituted imidazoles and their corresponding ionic liquids, Tetrahedron Letters52(41), 5308-5310 (2011).
  5. Bingkun Guo, Xiqing Wang, Pasquale F. Fulvio, Miaofang Chi, Shannon M. Mahurin, Xiao-Guang Sun; Sheng Dai, Soft-Templated Mesoporous Carbon-Carbon Nanotube Composites for High Performance Lithium-ion Batteries, Advanced Materials23(30), 3450-3454 (2011).
  6. Hansan Liu, Zhonghe Bi, Xiao-Guang Sun, Raymond R. Unocic, M. P. Paranthaman, Sheng Dai, Gilbert M. Brown, Mesoporous TiO2-B Microspheres with Superior Rate Performance for Lithium Ion Batteries, Advanced Materials23(30), 3450-3454 (2011).
  7. Xiao-Guang Sun, Sheng Dai,  Electrochemical investigations of ionic liquids with vinylene carbonate for applications in rechargeable lithium ion batteries, Electrochmica Acta,55(15),  4618 (2010)
  8. Xiao-Guang Sun, Sheng Dai, Electrocehmical and impedance investigation of the effect of lithium mnalonate on the performance of natural graphite electrodes in lithium-ion batteries, J. Power Sources, 195(13), 4266(2010).
  9. Xiao-Guang Sun, C. Austen Angell, Doped sulfone electrolytes for high voltage Li-ion cell applications, Electrochemistry Communications, 11 (7), 1418 (2009).
  10. Xiao-Guang Sun, John B. Kerr, Synthesis and Characterization of Network Single ion Conductors Based on Polyepoxide Ethers and Lithium Bis(allylmalonato)borate, Macromolecules, 39(1), 362(2006).
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  19. Xiao-Guang Sun, Wu Xu, Sheng-Shui Zhang and C. Austen Angell, Polyanionic electrolytes with high alkali ion cocnductivity, J. Phys: Condn. Mater., 13, 8235(2001).
  20. Xiao-Guang Sun and C. Austen Angell, 'Acid-in-chain' versus 'Base-in-chain' anion polymer electrolytes for electrochemical devices, Electrochimica Acta, 46, 1467(2001).

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