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Gregory B. Hurst
Staff Research Scientist

B.S., Chemistry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1984
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1990
Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1984 - 1990
Staff Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1990 - present

Research Interests:

Development and application of mass spectrometric
    methods for analysis of biopolymers.

Plant-Microbe Interfaces



Awards and Honors:

1993   R&D Technical Accomplishment Achievement Award,
            Martin Marietta Energy Systems (Group award for Direct-Sampling
            Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry)

1988   ACS Analytical Division Fellowship, sponsored by Perkin-Elmer

1987   AMOCO Fellowship

1985   Outstanding Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award

   ACS East Tennessee Section Outstanding Senior Chemistry Award
1984   American Institute of Chemists Outstanding Student Award
1984   ACS Analytical Chemistry Division Undergraduate Award

   A.D. Melaven Rhenium Scholarship recipient
1983   C.A. Buehler Chemistry Scholarship co-recipient

Professional Societies:

American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Member

American Chemical Society, Member


Selected Publications:

56.  Zhou Li, Z., Czarnecki, O., Chourey, K., Yang, J., Tuskan, G.A., Hurst, G.B., Pan, C., Chen, J.-G., “Strigolactone-regulated proteins revealed by iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomics in Arabidopsis.”  J. Proteome Research 2014 (published on Web Feb. 24, 2014)

55.  Mondav, R., Woodcroft, B.J., Kim, E.-K., McCalley, C.M., Hodgkins, S.B., Crill, P.M., Chanton, J., Hurst, G.B., VerBerkmoes, N.C., Saleska, S.R., Hugenholtz, P., Rich, V.I., Tyson, G.W., “Discovery of a novel methanogen prevalent in thawing permafrost.”  Nature Communications 2014, 5, article 3212.

54.  Ovchinnikova, O., Kjoller, K., Hurst, G.B., Pelletier, D.A., Van Berkel, G.J.  “Atomic force microscope controlled topographical imaging and proximal probe thermal desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging."  Anal. Chem. 2014, 86, 1083-1090.

53.  Yang, S.H., Pan, C., Tschaplinski, T.J., Hurst, G.B., Engle, N.L., Zhou, W.,  Dam, P.A., Xu, Y.,  Rodriguez Jr., M.,  Dice, L., Davison, B.H., Brown, S.D., “Systems biology analysis of Zymomonas mobilis ZM4 ethanol stress responses.  PLoS One 2013, 8, e68886.

52.  Mortensen, N.P.; Hurst, G.B.; Wan, W.; Foster, C.M.; Nallathamby, P.D.; Retterer, S.T.  “Dynamic development of the protein corona on silica nanoparticles: Composition and role in toxicity.”  Nanoscale 2013, 5, 6372-6380.

51.  Crosby, H.A.; Pelletier, D.A.; Hurst, G.B., Escalante-Semerana, J.C.  “System-wide studies of N-lysine acetylation in Rhodopseudomonas palustris reveals substrate specificity of protein acetyltransferases.”  J. Biol. Chem. 2012, 287, 15590-15601.

50.  Li, Z.; Adams, R; Chourey, K; Hurst, G; Hettich, R; Pan, C.  “Systematic Comparison of Label-Free, Metabolic Labeling, and Isobaric Chemical Labeling for Quantitative Proteomics on LTQ Orbitrap Velos."  J. Proteome Research 2012, 11, 1582-1590.

49.  Wisniewski-Dyé, F.; Borziak, K.; Khalsa-Moyers, G.; Alexandre, G.; Sukharnikov, L.O.; Wuichet, K.; Hurst, G.B.; McDonald, W.H.; Robertson, J.S.; Lapidus, A.; Barbe, V.; Calteau, A.; Rouy, Z.; Mangenot, S.; Prigent-Combaret, C.; Normand, P.; Boyer, M.; Siguier, P.; Dessaux, Y.; Elmerich, C.; Condemine, G.; Kennedy, I.; Paterson, A.H.; González, V.; Mavingui,P.; Zhulin, I.B. “Azospirillum genomes reveal transition of bacteria from aquatic to terrestrial environments.”  PLoS Genetics 2011, 7, e1002430.
48.  Yang, X.; Tschaplinski, T.J.; Hurst, G.B.; Jawdy, S.; Abraham, P.E.; Lankford, P.K.; Adams, R.M.; Shah, M.B.; Hettich, R.L.; Kalluri, U.C.; Gunter, L.E.; Pennacchio, C.; Tuskan, G.A. “Discovery and annotation of small proteins using genomics, proteomics and computational approaches.”  Genome Research 2011, 21, 634-641.  

47.  Giannone, R.J.; McDonald, W.H.; Hurst, G.B.; Shen, R.-F.; Wang, Y.; Liu, Y. “The protein network surrounding the human telomere repeat binding factors TRF1, TRF2, and POT1.”  PLOS ONE 2010, 5, e12409.  

46. Edwards, A.N., Fowlkes, J.D., Owens, E.T., Standaert, R.F., Pelletier, D.A., Hurst, G.B., Doktycz, M.J., Morrell-Falvey, J.L.,  “An in vivo imaging-based assay for detecting protein interactions over a wide range of binding affinities.”  Anal. Biochem. 2009, 395,166-177. 

45.  Yang, S., Pappas, K.M., Hauser, L.J., Land, M.L., Chen, G.L., Hurst, G.B., Pan, C., Kouvelis, V.N., Typas, M.A., Pelletier, D.A., Klingeman, D.M., Chang, Y.J., Samatova, N.F., Brown, S.D., “Improved genome annotation for Zymomonas mobilis.”  Nature Biotechnology 2009, 27, 893-894.

44.  Kalluri, U.C., Hurst, G.B., Lankford, P.K., Ranjan, P., and Pelletier, D.A., ”Shotgun proteome profile of Populus developing xylem.”  Proteomics 2009, 9, 4871-4880. 

43. Hervey, W.J. IV, Khalsa-Moyers, G., Lankford, P.K., Owens, E.T., McKeown, C.K., Lu, T.-Y., Foote, L.J., Asano, K.G., Morrell-Falvey, J.L., McDonald, W.H., Pelletier, D.A., Hurst, G.B., “Evaluation of Affinity-Tagged Protein Expression Strategies using Local and Global Isotope Ratio Measurements.”  J. Proteome Research 2009, 8, 3675-3688. 

41.  Raman, B., Pan, C., Hurst, G.B., Rodriguez, M. Jr., McKeown, C.K., Lankford, P.K., Samatova, N.F., Mielenz, J.R.  “Impact of Pretreated Switchgrass and Biomass Carbohydrates on Clostridium thermocellum ATCC 27405 Cellulosome Composition:  A Quantitative Proteomic Analysis.” PloS One 2009, 4, e5271. 

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