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David R. Mullins
Research Staff

Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Texas, Austin, 1984

Research Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1988 to present

Spokesperson for the U12a soft x-ray beamline at the National Synchrotron Light Source,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1999 to present

Research Interests:

Surface chemistry and catalysis;
Surface chemistry of metals and model oxide catalysts by XPS,
Soft x-ray photoemission and absorption;
Growth and characterization of oxide films;
EXAFS and in situ characterization of Au oxidation catalysts and mesoporous materials.


Professional Societies:

American Chemical Society,
American Vacuum Society,
   Tennessee Valley Chapter/American Vacuum Society
User's Executive Committee - National Synchrotron Light Source

Selected Publications

1.   D. R. Mullins and T. S. McDonald, "Adsorption and reaction of hydrogen sulfide on thin-film cerium oxide", Surface Science, 601 (2007) 4931.

2. Beste, D. R. Mullins, S. H. Overbury and R. J. Harrison, "Adsorption and dissociation of methanol on the fully oxidized and partially reduced (111) cerium oxide surface: dependence on the configuration of the cerium 4f electrons", Surface Science, 602 (2008) 162.

3. S. D. Senanayake, J. Zhou, A. P. Baddorf, and D. R. Mullins, "The Reaction of Carbon Monoxide with Palladium Supported on Cerium Oxide Thin Films", Surface Science, 601 (2007) 3215.

4. V. Schwartz, D. R. Mullins, W. Yan, H. Zhu, S. Dai and S. H. Overbury, "Structural investigation of Au catalysts on TiO2-SiO2 supports - on the nature of the local structure of Ti and Au atoms by EXAFS and XANES", J. Physical Chemistry C, 2007, 111, 17322.

5. O. Ozturk, J.B. Park, S. Ma, J.S. Ratliff, J. Zhou, D.R. Mullins and D.A. Chen, "Probing the interactions of Pt, Rh and bimetallic Pt-Rh clusters with the TiO2(1 1 0) support", Surface Science, 2007, 601, 3099.

6. S. H. Overbury, V. Schwartz, D. R. Mullins, W. Yan and S. Dai, "Evaluation of the Au size effect: CO oxidation catalyzed by Au/TiO2", J. Catal., 2006, 241, 56.

7. J. Zhou and D. R. Mullins, "Rh-Promoted Methanol Decomposition on Cerium Oxide Thin Films", J. Phys. Chem. B, 2006, 110, 15994.

8. J. Zhou, S. Dag, S. D. Senanayake, B. C. Hathorn, S. V. Kalinin, V. Meunier, D. R. Mullins, S. H. Overbury, and A. P. Baddorf, "Adsorption, desorption, and dissociation of benzene on TiO2(110) and Pd/TiO2(110): Experimental characterization and first-principles calculations", Phys. Rev. B, 2006, 74, 12518.

9. D. R. Mullins, M. D. Robbins and J. Zhou, "Adsorption and Reaction of Methanol on Thin-film Cerium Oxide", Surface Science, 2006, 600, 1547.

10. J. Zhou and D. R. Mullins, "Adsorption and Reaction of Formaldehyde on Thin-film Cerium Oxide", Surface Science, 2006, 600, 1540.

Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group Staff

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