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Jun Xu

Research Staff

Ph.D., Physics, Vanderbilt University

Postdoctoral, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Research Interests:

ZnO doping and nanowire-based devices for radiation detection,

In situ monitoring of environmental contaminants using ion mobility
  spectrometry/Differential mobility spectrometry,

Ordered nanoporous materials as preconcentrators of threat agents,


Positron characterization of radiation-resistant reactor materials.


Professional Societies:

International Society on Ion mobility Spectrometry,

American Physical Society


Selected Publications

1.   Jun Xu, C. T. Liu, M. K. Miller, and H. Chen, "Nanocluster-associated vacancies in nanocluster-strengthened ferritic steel as seen via positron-lifetime spectroscopy", Phys. Rev. B-Rapid Communications, 79, 020204(R), (2009)

2. Gu, Zhanjun; Paranthaman, Mariappan; Xu, Jun; Pan, Zhengwei "Aligned ZnO Nanorod Arrays Grown Directly on Zinc Foils and Zinc Spheres by a Low-Temperature Oxidization Method" ACS NANO, In Press, (2009).

3. Jun Xu, R. Ott, A. S. Sabua, Z.W. Pan, F. Xiu, J. Liu, J. Erie and D. Norton, "Generation of nitrogen acceptors in ZnO using pulse thermal processing", Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 151112 (2008).

4. Jun Xu and W. Whitten, "Monte Carlo simulation if ion transport in ion mobility spectrometry" Int. J. Ion Mobil. Spec. 11, 13 (2008).

5. Jun Xu, D. Mullins, and S. H. Overbury, "CO desorption and oxidation on CeO2-supported Rh: Evidence for two types of Rh sites" Journal of Catalysis, 243 (2006) 158-164.

6. Jun Xu, A. P. Mills Jr., and C. Case, "Measuring the continuity of diffusion barriers on porous films using -ray energy spectra of escaping positronium" Applied Physics Letters 87 (2005) 054105..

7. Jun Xu, W. Whitten, and M. R. Ramsey, "Pulsed ionization miniature ion mobility spectrometry" Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 75, Issue 16, (2003) 4206-4210.

8. Jun Xu, J. Moxom, S. H. Overbury, C. W. White, A. P. Mills, and R. Suzuki, "Quantum antidot formation and correlation to optical shift of gold nanoparticles embedded in MgO", Physical Review Letters, 88, (2002)175502.

Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Group Staff

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