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Frederick V. Sloop, Jr.
Research Associate

M.S. 1982, Microbiology-Genetic Toxicology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Post-Graduate, 1987, Biomedical Science-Biochemistry, University of Tennessee
Research Associate, 1992, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,

Research Interests:

 Sustainable Energy
New hydrogen storage materials
Solar voltaic materials
Fuel cells
Nuclear fuel cycle & waste issues

 National Security & Defense Programs

 New radiation detection materials

 Preparative inorganic and organic synthesis

 Environmental chemistry




Selected Publications:

  1. L. H. Delmau, P. V. Bonnesen, N. L. Engle, T. J. Haverlock, F. V. Sloop, Jr. and B. A. Moyer, "Combined Extraction of Cesium and Strontium from Alkaline Nitrate Solutions", Solvent Extr. Ion Exch. 2006, 24, 197-217.
  2. Z.W. Bell, L. Maya, G.M. Brown, and F.V. Sloop, Jr., "Boron-Loaded Silicone Rubber Scintillators," IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2004, 51(4), 1773-1776.
  3. Z.W. Bell, G.M. Brown, C.H. Ho, and F.V. Sloop, Jr. "Organic Scintillators for Neutron Detection", in X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detectors and Applications IV, Ralph B. James, Larry A. Franks, Arnold Burger, Edwin M. Westbrook, Roger D. Hurst, Eds., Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 4784, Jan. 2003 150-163.
  4. F.V. Sloop, Jr., G.M. Brown, R.A. Sachleben, M.L. Garrity, J.E. Elbert and K.B. Jacobson, "Metalloorganic Labels for DNA Sequencing and Mapping", New J. of Chemistry (invited), 1994, 18, 317-326.
  5. F.V. Sloop, Jr, G.M. Brown, R.S. Foote, K.B. Jacobson, and R.A. Sachleben. "Synthesis of TESPA: An Organotin Mass Label for DNA," Bioconjugate Chem. 1993, 4, 406 - 409.


Book Chapters:
Gu, Baohua, P. Bonnesen, F.V. Sloop, Jr., and G. M. Brown. "Titanium Catalyzed Perchlorate Reduction and Applications," in Perchlorate Environmental Occurrence, Interactions and Treatments, B. Gu and J. Coates Eds., ISBN: 0-387-31114-9, 412 p., Chapter 16, Springer Science, March 17, 2006.

J.F. McCarthy, B.D. Jimenez, L.R. Shugart, F.V. Sloop, and A. Oikari. "Biological Markers in Animal Sentinels: Laboratory Studies Improve Interpretation of Field Data," In: In Situ Evaluations of Biological Hazards of Environmental Pollutants. Edited by S.S. Sandhu, et al. Plenum Press, New York, N.Y. pp. 163 - 175, 1990.

K.B. Jacobson, M.W. Williams, L.J. Richter, S.E. Holt, G.J. Hook, S.M. Koop, F.V. Sloop, and J.B. Faust. "Cadmium Resistance in Drosophila: A Small Cadmium Binding Substance," In: Metallothionein II - Birkhauser Verlag Basel. PP. 293 - 300, 1987.

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