Distributed Energy Communications & Controls

“DECC” Project & Laboratory




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DECC Project Meeting (Oct 11, 2007) Agenda



Set 1A

Electric Grid R&D Program

Tom King


Set 1B

Overview of DECC and Research Goals

John Kueck


Set 1C

DECC Laboratory, Milestones and Roadmap

Tom Rizy


Set 2A

Voltage Regulation with Multiple Distributed Energy Systems: Challenges, Solutions & Vision

Dr. Fran Li1


Set 2B

Unique Challenges Associated with DE and Possible Solutions

Dr. Engin Ozdemir


Set 2C

Systematic Approach of Experimental Analysis Provides a Collaborative Analysis Research Environment Pathway

Randall Wetherington


Set 3A

Power Electronics Developments for Utility Applications

Dr. Leon Tolbert


Set 3B

High Temperature Power Electronics at ORNL

Madhu Chinthavali


Set 4A

SCE Voltage Control Challenges

Charles Vartanian2


Set 4B

Study and Design of a Tariff For Dynamic Reactive Power

Chris Tufon3


Set 4C

Wind Integration Analysis

Brendan Kirby


Set 5A

Distributed Energy Resources Integration

Charles Vartanian2



Summary of Discussions



1Joint ORNL/UT, 2Southern California Edison,3Pacific Gas & Electric


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