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The use of desiccant humidity control systems in industry has made the manufacturing of everyday products -- from life saving pharmaceuticals to candies and from windshield safety glass to contact lenses -- more reliable and profitable for cost conscious producers and more economical for value driven consumers.

Now humidity control in commercial and institutional buildings and homes can improve indoor environmental quality (IEQ).  The use of desiccant-based enthalpy exchanges and/or dehumidification equipment offer the following potential benefits:

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • More productive working/comfortable living conditions

  • Reduced moisture damage and remodeling/redecorating costs

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Reduced peak demands on electric utilities

  • Natural gas load shifting to summer months

  • Reduced global warming gas emissions

To learn more about desiccant technology and its applications, visit the websites on the links webpage.

To spread information about these desiccant systems and to broaden and accelerate their deployment, the U.S. Department of Energy has constructed a mobile exhibit featuring the advantages of desiccant humidity control (DHC Van).  It provides a first-hand experience of the comfortable aspects of active humidity control with desiccant systems.  The DHC Van is available for display and demonstration at national, regional, and local meetings of trade associations, professional societies, and utility groups.  This website provides answers to many of the frequently asked questions about hosting the DHC Van and facilitates communications with the potential host organizations.


Hot News

The Energy Solutions Center Inc. (ESC), a gas industry organization based in Washington, DC, and ORNL/DOE will cofund the exhibition of the DOE  Dessicant Humidity Control Van (DHCV) at four gas industry sites in July and August.
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ASHE and ASHRAE Co-Host the DHCV at their Joint Conferences:

ASHE 2004 International Conference and Exhibition on Healthcare Facility Planning, Design and Construction;

ASHRAE 2004 IAQ Conference on Critical Operations: Supporting the Healing Environment through IAQ Performance Standards

March 15-17
Tampa, FL

Over 200 attendees toured the DHCV co-hosted jointly by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The DHCV exhibited the energy efficiency, humidity control, and indoor air quality benefits of using desiccant dehumidification in healthcare facilities. The visitors were physically able to experience the sensations of independent control of temperature and humidity. The DHCV exhibition was co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, through Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Gas Technology Institute.
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Joint Conference and Exhibition of FAHCA and FHCEA Hosts the DHCV
November 3-4, 2003
Orlando, FL

Over 150 attendees toured the DHCV at the joint conference and exhibition of the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (FAHCA) and the Florida Healthcare Engineers Association (FHCEA).
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APGA Hosts the DHCV
September 25-26, 2003
Peachtree City, GA

Over 50 attendees of the 2003 Market Development Conference of the American Public Gas Association (APGA) toured the DHCV.
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Nicor Hosted the DHCV
August 20, 2003
Des Plaines, IL

Over 40 professionals attended the two Nicor symposia on Desiccant Dehumidification and toured the DHCV, located at the Gas Technology Institute facility in Des Plaines, IL.
More information

AGA/SGA National Accounts Conference Attendees Toured the DHCV
August 19, 2003
Des Plaines, IL

Over 70 attendees of the American Gas Association (AGA)/Southern Gas Association (SGA)-sponsored event held in Chicago, IL toured the DHCV hosted by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) at its facility.
More information

GTI Hosts the DHCV
August 18, 2003
Des Plaines, IL

Over 50 professionals toured the DHCV hosted by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) at its headquarters facility. More information

City Public Service Hosted DHCV
July 17, 2003
San Antonio, TX

City Public Service hosted the DHCV for the benefit of professionals from architect and engineering firms, and school districts in its service territory.  More information

DHCV Exhibited at the 40th ASHE Annual Conference & Exhibition
July 14-16, 2003
San Antonio, TX

Over 200 healthcare facility professionals toured the DHCV exhibited at the 40th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).
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