Biosciences Division

Biological and Nanoscale Systems

The Biological and Nanoscale Systems Group focuses on the characterization, integration and adaptation of natural and synthetic systems across multiple length scales. A continuing emphasis is to characterize and understand how natural systems are organized at the nanoscale and how this organization contributes to biological function.

To support this aim, an interdisciplinary group focuses on technology development with specific interests in biological imaging, biocompatible micro- and nanofabrication techniques, and high throughput screening technologies. Current imaging projects evaluate microbial systems and seek to trace the location and quantity of membrane proteins, to identify interacting proteins, and to confirm biochemical networks. Nanotechnology projects are centered on mimicking the physical and chemical characteristics of biological cells, developing biocompatible patterning techniques, and adapting biological routes to nanoscale material fabrication.

The group maintains comprehensive resources in molecular biology and in molecular and cellular imaging and leverages off of the advanced fabrication capabilities of ORNL’s Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences.

Further details are on the website:

(Contact: Mitchel J. Doktycz,, 865-574-6204)