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----------------------------DECEMBER 2014-------------------------------

December 17: Speaker - Matthew Langholtz, Rebecca Efroymson, Laurence Eaton, Craig Brant, and Yetta Jager
Bringing Sustainability into the Assessment of our Nation’s Bioenergy Future.pdf icon

-----------------------------NOVEMBER 2014-----------------------------

November 12: Speaker - Natalie Griffiths, of the Ecosystems Sciences Group in the Environmental Sciences Division presented a seminar entitled: Evaluating the effects of woody biomass production for bioenergy on water quality and hydrology in the southeastern United States. pdf icon

--------------------------SEPTEMBER 2014---------------------------------

September 19: Speaker - Timothy Theiss, Laboratory Relationship Manager (LRM) EER Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) presented a talk entitled “The Role of Biofuels in the US Sustainable Transportation Challenge”pdf icon

--------------------------AUGUST 2014-------------------------------------

August 20: Speaker - Jonathan Male, Director of the Bioenergy Technologies Office DOE presented an Overview of Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office". pdf

August 14: Speaker - Daniela S. Gonzales Ph.D. graduate student in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Texas A&M will present "GIS-Based Allocation of Lignocellulosic Biorefineries" - A Case Study in Texas. pdf

--------------------------JUNE 2014----------------------------------------

June 19: Speaker - Dr. Manoel Regis is the Institutional Relations Coordinator of CTBE-Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory, presented "Biomass Resources and Conversion Efficiencies in the Cultivation and Processing of Sugarcane for Ethanol and Electricity." pdf

--------------------------APRIL 2014---------------------------------------

April 17: Speaker - Yetta Jager "In Search of Spatial Opportunities for Sustainable Bioenergy Production." pdf

April 10: Speaker - Sean McGinnis, Director - VT Green Engineering presented "Green Engineering and Life Cycle Assessment at Virginia Tech."pdf

--------------------------MARCH 2014--------------------------------------

March 10: Speaker - Arnaldo Walter, Assistant Professor at University of Campinas (UNICAMP) Brazil presented "The Research on Bioenergy Sustainability at University of Campinas, Brazil". pdf

--------------------------FEBRUARY 2014-----------------------------------

Feb 17: Speaker - Dr. Andre Faaij and Dr. Floor van der Hilst from Utrecht University, Netherlands presented "Issues in bioenergy, a European perspective" pdf and "Integrated assessment of the sustainability of biomass supply chains" pdf

--------------------------JANUARY 2014-------------------------------------

Jan 16: Speaker - Derek Splitter - "Methods of reducing transportation energy and petroleum consumption and environmental impacts: A discussion of internal combustion engine fundamentals, efficiency source, and fuel-related pwoertrain opportunities" pdf

--------------------------DECEMBER 2013-----------------------------------

Dec 19: Speaker - Tim Theiss "An Update on Alternative Fuels & the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2)." pdf

--------------------------OCTOBER 2013------------------------------------

Oct 17: Speaker - Matthew Rudolf "Sustainability Implemented-The Birth of a Voluntary Sustainability Certification Program". pdf

--------------------------AUGUST 2013-------------------------------------

August 15: Speaker - Helio Joris "Introduction and Main Objectives in Short Term Research of Helio Joris at ORNL" pdf

--------------------------MAY 2013-----------------------------------------

May 17: Speaker - Dev Shrestha from the University of Idaho "Renewable Fuel Standard and Future of Biofuels.pdf

May 8: Speaker - Daniel Inman NREL "Bio Land Use Change and Overview"

--------------------------APRIL 2013---------------------------------------

April 18: Speaker - Latha Baskaran, Research Staff ORNL: "Studying the potential of aquatic macroinvertebrates as indicators of bioenergy-related land-use changes" pdf

--------------------------FEBRUARY 2013----------------------------------

February 20: Speaker - Rachel Burton - Research Director for Piedmont Biofuels presented "Enzyme Catalysis for Biomass Based Diesel Fuels" pdf

February 14: Speaker - Professor Carlos Cerri - Professor at Center of Nuclear Energy Applied to Agriculture-Universidade of São Paulo. Piracicaba, Brazil presented "Measuring environmental sustainability indicators in land use change for sugarcane ethanol production in Brazil"

--------------------------DECEMBER 2012----------------------------------

Dec 20: Speaker - Rebecca Efroymson (ORNL) - "Sustainable Development of Algal Biofuels" pdf

--------------------------NOVEMBER 2012---------------------------------

Nov 8: Speaker - Lynn Wright, WrightLink Consulting- "Energy Crop Resource and Technology Development: A Historical Perspective 1978-2012". pdf

--------------------------OCTOBER 2012-----------------------------------

Oct 18: Speaker - Robert Fletcher - University of Florida : "Bioenergy expansion: a wildlife perspective" pdf

--------------------------SEPTEMBER 2012----------------------------------

Sept 25: Speaker - Marko Debeljak of The Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia presented "Inductive Machine Learning in Ecological Modeling". pdf

--------------------------AUGUST 2012--------------------------------------

August 16: Speaker - Mike Jostrom - Director Renewable Resources, Plum Creek - "Vested in Carbon: Perspectives of a Large US Forest Owner" pdf

--------------------------JULY 2012-----------------------------------------

July 26: Speaker - Danny Inman - NREL "Biofuel Sustainability Analysis"

July 16: Speaker - Siwa Msangi - Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington D.C. "Biofuels, Agriculture and Food Security: Key Connections and Challenges" pdf

--------------------------JUNE 2012-----------------------------------------

June 21: Speaker - Natalie Griffiths (ORNL) and Matt Langholtz (ORNL) "Examining the effects of short-rotation pine for bioenergy on water quality and quantity using a watershed-scale experiment" pdf

June 7: Speaker - Ariel Uribe Rodriguez and Edgar Castillo from the Colombian Petroleum Institute will present " Energy Diversification Program at ECOPETROL" Topics that will be discussed: Advanced Biofuels, Heat and Power generation from Biomass and Renewables (Proposal) and Energy Efficiency in upstream operations".

--------------------------MAY 2012------------------------------------------

May 21: Speaker - Marcelo Moreira from the Institute for International Trade Negotiations, Brazil will present "Coupling GIS and economic data into land use models: The Brazilian Land Use Model experience"pdf

May 17: Speaker - Charles Kwit,"Gene flow matters in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.), a potential widespread biofuel feedstock" pdf

May 10: Speaker - Bobby Grisso "Outreach Delivery as Part of Bioenergy Education"pdf .

--------------------------APRIL 2012--------------------------------------

April 19: Speaker - John Schwartz (UT) and Zachariah Seiden (UT), "Study Design for Water Quality Monitoring from Switchgrass Fields near Vonore, Tennessee: Support for SWAT and BLOSM Models"pdf

--------------------------MARCH 2012--------------------------------------

March 15: Speaker - James Szybist (NTRC) "Impacts of emerging engine and fuel technologies on the efficiencey of future engines"

--------------------------FEBRUARY 2012-----------------------------------

Feb 16: Speaker - Brian Davison on behalf of Paul Gilna, "How BESC relates to Sustainability"pdf

--------------------------JANUARY 2012------------------------------------

Jan 19: Speaker - Scott Curran, Performance of Advanced Combustion Modes with Alternative Fuels: Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition Case Study"pdf

--------------------------DECEMBER 2011-----------------------------------

December 1: Speaker - Tim Rials, "Southeastern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems"pdf

--------------------------NOVEMBER 2011---------------------------------

Nov 17: Speaker - Elliott Barnett, Mark Downing, Matt Langholtz and Erin Webb: Four 5-10 minute panel presentations on "Sustainability Considerations for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Biomass Steam Plant Feedstock Supply"

--------------------------OCTOBER 2011-----------------------------------

Oct 20: Speaker - Jacob LaRiviere, "The Effect of Ethanol on Fuel Price Behavior and the Viability of Cellulosic Biofuels"pdf

--------------------------SEPTEMBER 2011---------------------------------

Sep 15: Speaker - Randall Jackson, "Ecosystem service tradeoffs in grassland plant communities grown for bioenery feedstock" pdf

Sept 1: Speaker - Tanya Kuritz, Reality of Algal Fuelspdf

--------------------------AUGUST 2011-------------------------------------

August 18: Speaker - Neal Gutterson, Mendel's seeded miscanthus system: a sustainable and scalable bioenergy feedstock solutionpdf

August 4: Speaker - Audrey Mayer, Using agent-based models to understand the impact of NIPF owner preferences and bioenergy policies on forested landscapespdf

--------------------------JULY 2011---------------------------------------

July 28: Speaker - Esther Parish, One size won't fit all: The role of scale in comparing the environmental impacts of ethanol and gasoline production (slides not complete)

--------------------------JUNE 2011---------------------------------------

June 16: Speaker - Jody Endres, A legal typology of sustainable biomass definitions in U.S. law, and other theoretical perspectives pdf

--------------------------MAY 2011---------------------------------------

May 19: Speaker - Ken Goddard, Growing and Harvesting Switchgrass for Ethanol Production in Tennesseepdf

May 13: Speaker - Luis Barbosa Cortez - Brazil Research and Development of Renewable Energy, Sao Paulo Research Foundation and a preliminary analysis of sugarcane in Latin America and Africa pdf

--------------------------APRIL 2011---------------------------------------

April 21: Speaker - Elena Berger, Dynamics of Innovation of Biofuel Ethanol: Three decades of experience in the U.S. and in Brazil pdf

--------------------------MARCH 2011---------------------------------------

March 17: Speaker - Thomas J. Wilbanks, Perspectives from 'Sustainability Science' on Energy Sustainabiltypdf

--------------------------FEBRUARY 2011-----------------------------------

February 17: Speaker - Chris Johnas and Robin Jenkins - DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol (DDCE) LLC Evaluates Business Opportunities with Sustainability Assessmentspdf

--------------------------JANUARY 2011-----------------------------------

January 27: Spealer - Allen McBride and Virginia Dale - Indicators to Support Environmental Sustainability of Bioenergy Systems pdf

--------------------------NOVEMBER 2010----------------------------------

November 18: Speaker - Mac Post - An Integrative Modeling Framework to Evaluate the Productivity and Sustainability of Biofuel Crop Production Systemspdf

--------------------------OCTOBER 2010-----------------------------------

October 21: Speaker - Sam Jackson and Virginia Dale - Bioenergy Sustainability Standards, Certification and Regulations pdf

--------------------------SEPTEMBER 2010---------------------------------

September 16: Speaker - Eric Marland - Managing the Costs of Carbon Releasepdf

--------------------------AUGUST 2010-----------------------------------

August 19: Speaker - Chad Hellwinckel - Lessons from modeling the joint effects of climate and bioenergy policies pdf

--------------------------JULY 2010---------------------------------------

July: Speaker - Pat Mulholland and Colleen Iversen - National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) site on the Oak Ridge Reservation: A new collaborative project with NSF for long-term ecosystem measurements and monitoringpdf

--------------------------JUNE 2010----------------------------------------

June 17: Speaker - Charles Garten - Modeling soil quality issues related to sustainable switchgrass and poplar productionpdf

--------------------------MAY 2010-----------------------------------

May: Speaker - John Crittenden - Gigaton Problems Require GigatonSolutions pdf

--------------------------APRIL 2010-----------------------------------

April: Speaker - Keith Kline and Martin Keller - The Global Bioenergy Sustainability Project. Is the next revolution at hand? pdf

--------------------------MARCH 2010-----------------------------------

March: Speaker - Brian West - Review of Technical Issues Surrounding EISA's Biofuels Goals, the RFS2. pdf

--------------------------FEBRUARY 2010-----------------------------------

February: Speaker - Marilyn Brown - Shrinking the Carbon Footprint of Metropolitan America pdf

--------------------------JANUARY 2010-----------------------------------

January: Speaker - Gregg Marland - Bioenergy and Changes in Carbon Stocks pdf

--------------------------DECEMBER 2009-----------------------------------

December: Speaker - Series - Sustainable Bioenergy from Production to Use in a series of Three Slides and Five Minutes pdf

--------------------------NOVEMBER 2009---------------------------------

November: Speaker - Rekha Pillai, Sirisha Nukala, Stuart Daw and Charles Finney - A Value Chain Analysis for BioEnergy pdf

--------------------------OCTOBER 2009-----------------------------------

October: Speaker - Kathy Halvorsen -Social Dimensions of Sustainable Bioenergy Development pdf

--------------------------SEPTEMBER 2009--------------------------------

September: Speaker - Kelly Tiller - Implementing the Cellulosic Biomass Industry in Tennesseepdf

--------------------------AUGUST 2009-------------------------------------

August: Speaker - Debo Oladosu and Keith Kline - Myths, Facts and Uncertainties for Bioenergypdf

--------------------------JULY 2009----------------------------------------

July: Speaker - John Drake - BioEnergy – Climate Couplingpdf

--------------------------JUNE 2009----------------------------------------

June: Speaker - Mark Downing, Tim Rials, and Pat Mulholland - Landscape Design for Bioenergy Sustainability pdf

--------------------------MAY 2009-----------------------------------------

May: Speaker - Raju Vastsav and Keith Kline - Land-Use Change and Bioenergy Workshoppdf

--------------------------APRIL 2009----------------------------------------

April 16: Speaker - Rekha Pillai and Mike Hillard - Integrated Framework for Understanding BioEnergy Sustainability pdf

--------------------------MARCH 2009---------------------------------------

March 19: Speaker - Kenneth Tobin - Measurement Science and Systems Engineeringpdf



Analysis of Forest Service data shows that benefits accrue when sustainable forest management provides wood pellets for energy that keep fossil fuel in the ground. The data supporting this analysis is at View Here

International report presents status and prospects for renewable energy using wood pellets from the southeastern United States. View here.

In March, Virginia Dale, Erin Webb and Magen Shedden participated in a conference titled “The Great Experiment” at the University of Tennessee that focused on learning from producing switchgrass for bioenergy in east Tennessee. The videos from the conference are posted View here.

Virginia Dale discusses bioenergy sustainability:

The 2016 Billion-Ton Report (BT16), Volume 2: Environmental Sustainability Effects of Select Scenarios from Volume 1, jointly released by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), is a pioneering effort to analyze a range of potential environmental effects associated with illustrative near-term and long-term biomass-production scenarios from the 2016 Billion-Ton Report, Volume 1.

For more information on archived news items, please click here.

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