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Analysis of Forest Service data shows that benefits accrue when sustainable forest management provides wood pellets for energy that keep fossil fuel in the ground. The data supporting this analysis is at View Here

International report presents status and prospects for renewable energy using wood pellets from the southeastern United States. View here.

In March, Virginia Dale, Erin Webb and Magen Shedden participated in a conference titled “The Great Experiment” at the University of Tennessee that focused on learning from producing switchgrass for bioenergy in east Tennessee. The videos from the conference are posted View here.

Virginia Dale discusses bioenergy sustainability:

The 2016 Billion-Ton Report (BT16), Volume 2: Environmental Sustainability Effects of Select Scenarios from Volume 1, jointly released by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), is a pioneering effort to analyze a range of potential environmental effects associated with illustrative near-term and long-term biomass-production scenarios from the 2016 Billion-Ton Report, Volume 1.

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