The Dynamic Systems Analysis and Simulation Group is an applied research and development group in the Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The group has ten full-time researchers with technical backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Computer Science.  We conduct applied research and development in the areas of rotor dynamics, rotor balancing, mechanical system diagnostics, vibration analysis, signal processing, reliability analysis, and heat transfer.

Our projects often include engineering analysis, design, fabrication support, and deployment of unique solutions for our customers.  While some of our projects have almost an engineering services flavor, each contains design and development challenges that require applied research and development.  Our project history has given our group an appreciation and awareness of the real-world constraints faced by our customers; such awareness allows us to respond to our customer’s needs with practical solutions. 

We appreciate your interest in the Dynamic Systems Analysis and Simualtion Group, the Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Please look over our site and contact us if you feel we can be of any assistance. 

Brian Damiano, PhD
Dynamic Systems Analysis and Simulation Group Leader


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