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  1. Accelerated Life Test and Field Test Performance Results for an Integral Heat Pump Water Heater
  2. Accelerated Life Tests of a Residential Heat Pump Water Heater
  3. CFD Solution and Experimental Testing of Buoyancy-Driven Convection Caused by Condensers Immersed in a Water Tank of HPWH
  4. A Comparison of Laboratory Field-Test Measurements of Heat-Pump Water Heaters
  5. Design Options to Test the Effects of Financial Incentives in a Utility Conservation Program: TVA's Heat Pump Water Heater Program
  6. Research and Development of a Heat-Pump Water Heater
  7. Development of an Energy Test Method for a Dedicated Water-Heating Heat Pump
  8. The Effect of Location on the Predicted Performance of a Heat-Pump Water Heater
  9. Estimated Seasonal Performance of a Heat Pump Water Heater Including Effects of Climate and In-House Location
  10. Examination and Life Assessment of Field-Tested Heat Pump Water Heaters
  11. Experimental Study of an R-407C Heat Pump Water Heater
  12. Heat Pump Water Heater Laboratory Test and Design Model Validation
  13. Heat Pump Water Heater Technology: Experiences of Residential Consumers and Utilities
  14. Measured Performance and Impacts of "Drop-In" Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters
  15. Prototype Commercial Hot Water Gas Heat Pump (CHWGHP) - Design and Performance
  16. Research and Development of an Air-Cycle Heat Pump Water Heater
  17. A Study of a Natural Convection Immersed Condenser Heat Pump Water Heater
  18. A Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Double-Spiral, Double-Wall Heat Exchangers

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