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Environmental Aspects of Operating Various Gas Microturbines
Abdolreza Zaltash,
Andrei Petrov, and
D. Tom Rizy
Cooling, Heating, and Power Group
Engineering Science and Technology Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Rick Langley and
Eric Hubbard
Knoxville, Tennessee

Abstract: The variety of new distributed generation (DG) technologies, such as gas microturbine generators (MTGs), as well as Integrated Energy Systems (IES) has increased markedly over the last several years. Environmental issues are among one of the most important aspects of operating these systems. The subject of this paper is the emissions of various makes and sizes of MTGs. For the DG emissions tests, several MTGs of the size range of 30 to 80 kW were operated at outside ambient conditions. The two basic emissions components – carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) – were given particularly close attention. For each MTG, emissions at steady-state operation were measured at different power output levels. For transient tests the emissions were measured as the MTG power output varied during startup, shutdown and from one setting to another for power dispatching. Evaluation of the various emission levels for the different MTGs was performed. Compliance of these emissions with existing environmental regulations (U.S. and California) and manufacturer’s data is discussed.

Keywords: microturbine, distributed generation, DG, emissions, air pollution, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, CO, NOx



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