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Second Generation Integrated Microturbine, Absorption Chiller, and Solid Wheel Desiccant System, combined cooling heating and power, CHP
Matthew Cowie
Xiaohong Liao
Reinhard Radermacher
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland

Abstract: This paper describes a second generation Cooling, Heating, and Power (CHP) for Buildings system. CHP systems have the potential to achieve thermal efficiencies twice that of conventional remote power plants by utilizing waste heat and eliminating losses due to transmission and distribution. However, system integration issues need to be dealt with before these objectives can be realized. The CHP System being evaluated consists of a microturbine generator that provides on-site electrical power, using natural gas as fuel, for a medium-sized commercial office building. The waste heat of the microturbine is used in a single-effect absorption chiller, which provides cooling, and a solid wheel desiccant system, which provides dehumidification. Technical issues related to modifications of the original CHP system are described and improvements to the original system design and performance are evaluated including a reduction in the number of components, a reduction of parasitic power consumption, and improvements in controls for the heat recovery process. Overall system performance as well as individual component performance is compared between the first generation CHP system and the current system. Recommendations are presented for further improvements on integrated CHP systems for commercial applications.

Keywords: microturbine, absorption chiller, single effect absorption chiller, desiccant dehumidification

The Institut International du Froid
177 Boulevard Malesherbes
75017 Paris, France

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2003 International Congress of Refrigeration
Washington, DC
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