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Electrically-Driven Heat Pumps

ACES: Annual Cycle Energy System

Ice Maker Heat Pumps

ACES systems use an electric heat pump to extract heat from water in a storage tank to form ice. The system can be used with a matrix of pipes submerged in the tank of water to form "ice logs" or it can use a more conventional approach to making ice by circulating water over the outside of the evaporator tubes and harvesting the ice to form shaved or cracked ice in the storage tank. Work undertaken includes development of an advanced ice-maker heat pump as well as laboratory evaluations of heat pump capacity, efficiency, and "harvesting losses" for commercially available ice-maker heat pumps.

Links to Publications:
  1. Development and Testing of a Single-Plate and a Two-Plate Ice-Maker Heat Pump
  2. Intermediate Report on the Performance of Plate-Type Ice-Maker Heat Pumps
  3. Ice-Maker Heat Pump Development: Final Report
  4. Ice-Maker Heat Pump Harvesting Scheme Development and Ice-Packing Density
  5. Performance of Two Plate-Type Ice-Maker Heat Pumps
  6. Thermal Storage Applications of the Ice Maker Heat Pump

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