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Some publications don't fit neatly into any of the major categories of projects in the DOE research. These include using "desuperheaters" to make hot water and "novel" cycles like ejector heat pumps. Projects that simply don't logically fit anywhere else are listed in this catch-all category.

Links to Publications:
  1. Add-On Heat Pump for Residential Applications - Estimation of the Savings
  2. Experimental Study of a Liquid Overfeeding Mobile Air Conditioning System
  3. Experimental Study of a Liquid Overfeeding Window Air Conditioner
  4. Heat Pump Desuperheaters for Supplying Domestic Hot Water - Estimatation of Energy Savings and Economic Viability for Residential Applications
  5. Feasibility of an Unconventional Heat-Flow-Measuring Technique to Determine Coefficient of Performance on Installed Heat Pumps
  6. Investigation of an Ejector Heat Pump by Analytical Methods
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation of Replacing Low-Efficiency Air Conditioners with High-Efficiency Air Conditioners in Single-Family Detached Houses in Austin, Texas
  8. Motor Current Signature Analysis - A Potential Diagnostic for Air Conditioners
  9. Simulation of an Automotive Heat Pump
  10. Test of Condensate Subcooling Coils for Air Conditioners
  11. Two-Phase Refrigerant Flow Measurement with Liquid and Vapor Separation Technique

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