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Analytical Models

Analytical models (i.e. computer programs) have been developed for modelling horizontal and vertical ground- coils and also for heat pump systems using ground coils as heat sources and sinks. Most of the computer programs used for ground-coil simulations involve the solution of coupled partial differential equations in two spatial dimensions marching forward in time. Solution techniques and computer requirements vary. Analytical models are generally used to develop or refine industry "rules-of-thumb" for sizing ground-coupled heat exchangers.

Links to Publications:
  1. Comparison of a Thermoelectric Cooling System and a Groundwater Heat Pump
  2. Comparative Analysis of Life-Cycle Costs of Geothermal Heat Pumps and Three Conventional HVAC Systems
  3. Effect of Backfilling Material on Ground Coil Performance
  4. Heat Pump Ground Coil Analysis with Thermal Interference
  5. A New Comparison of Vertical Ground Heat Exchanger Design Methods for Residential Applications
  6. Optimized Ground Coupled Heat Pump Design Phase I Final Report
  7. State-of-the-Art Survey of Existing Knowledge for the Design of Ground-Source Heat Pumps
  8. A Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Vertical, Concentric-Tube Ground-Coupled Heat Exchangers

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