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Key Word Index

This index provides a listing of key words for the DOE EERE Research Reports On-Line Database. There is a separate web page for each report in this database, and each web page includes an abstract of the publication and a list of key words identified in the abstract. This index contains a tabulation of those key words with links to all of the web pages that used them.

The keywords are listed alphabetically in the table below. Each key word provides a link to a listing of titles for all reports associated with that key word. Clicking on any of the titles links to the corresponding web page. For the most part, hyphens, "-", have been omitted from keyword phrases and singular forms of nours have been used.

Shortcut links are provided for branching to the top or bottom of the key word index or to the list of key words beginning with any letter of the alphabet (note that some letters (e.g. "Q") do not have any key words associated with them and clicking on these links has no effect.

Links to alphabetical listing of keywords:
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absorbent concentration
absorption chiller
absorption chiller-heater
absorption cycle
absorption fluid properties
absorption heat pump
absorption model
absorption modeling
accelerated life test
active desiccant
active desiccant module
add on heat pump
adjustable speed drive
adsorption cooling
adsorption heat pump
advanced appliance
advanced insulation
advanced microturbine system
air conditioner
air conditioning
air cooled absorption chiller
air cycle
air pollution
air quality impact
air to air heat pump
air to water heat exchanger
alternative refrigerant
analytical model
ancillary benefit
ancillary service
annual cycle energy system
annual energy consumption
annual performance
annual performance factor
appliance insulation
ASHRAE Standard 152P
ASHRAE Standard 62
atmospheric lifetime
automatic defrost
automobile air conditioning
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B back pressure
back pressure steam turbine
bi-radiant oven
binary mixture
blowing agent
boiler population
bore field design
Braun linear engine
Brayton cycle
Brayton cycle heat pump
brazed plate heat exchanger
building technology
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C capacity modulation
carbon monoxide
case study
central air conditioner
central heating equipment
centrifugal chiller
CFC alternatives
charge inventory
chemical heat pipe
CHP installed cost
circulating fan
coal fired
coal fired power plant
coefficient of performance
cogeneration hot water distribution
cogeneration system cost
cogeneration system failure
combination appliance
combined appliance
combined cooling heating and power
combined heat and power
commercial appliance
commercial boiler
commercial building
commercial HVAC
commercial industrial boiler
commercial refrigeration
commercial sector
commercial water heater
composition shift
compressor map
compressor model
compressor performance
computational fluid dynamics
computer model
condenser modeling
condensing steam turbine
continuously variable-speed
conversion cost
cooling capacity
cooling heating and power
cooling seasonal performance
cooling water impact
COP meter
corrosion inhibitor
cost allocation
cost optimization
cost saving
coupled systems
crawl space heat pump
Cromer cycle
cycling loss
cylinder heat transfer
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D data acquisition
data analysis
decentralized small cogeneration
dedicated outdoor air system
deemed energy saving
defrosting loss
demand charges
demand reduction
demand saving
demand side conservation
demand side management
Department of Energy
desiccant dehumidification
desiccant dehumidifier
desiccant enhanced air conditioner
desiccant loading
desiccant wheel speed
design method
design model
design software
design tool
diaphragm coupled compressor
direct expansion ground coil
direct fired desiccant
distillation column
distributed energy
distributed energy reference designs
distributed energy resource
distributed generation
distribution system
distribution system efficiency
distribution system losses
district cooling
district energy
district energy system
district heating
domestic hot water
domestic hot water distribution
double effect absorption chiller
dual loop
dual stroke compressor
duct efficiency
duct insulation
durability test
dynamic loss
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E E-125
earth coupled heat pump
economic analysis
economic assessment
economic comparison
economic evaluation
economic growth
ejector heat pump
electric air conditioner
electric chiller
electric demand
electric generation
electric grid
electric heat pump
electric load leveling
electric power
electric power plant
electric reliability
electric utility
electric water heater
electrical demand
electricity deregulation
electricity generation
electricity only
electricity prices
electronically modulated motor
end user conservation
endurance testing
energy conservation
energy consumption
energy consumption database
energy efficiency
energy efficiency ratio
energy efficient appliance
energy resource
energy saving
energy saving potential
energy savings performance contract
energy storage
energy use
enery efficiency
engine driven heat pump
enhanced heat transfer
entering water temperature
enthalpy wheel
environmental impact
environmental regulation
equation of state
equipment cost data base
ethyltetrahydro furfuryl
evacuated panel insulation
evaporative cooling
exhaust fired
expansion device
external heat system
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F falling film
fan coil
fan efficiency
feedbach mechanisms
field data acquisition
field test
filter replacement
financial incentive
flammable refrigerant
floating head pressure
flow boiling
fluid heating
fluid properties
forced air cooling
forced air distribution
forced air heating
forced convection
forced ventilation
Fort Polk
four effect absorption chiller
four effect chiller
free piston Stirling engine
frosting loss
frostless heat pump
fuel cell
fuel cell/gas turbine hybrid
fuel conservation
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G gadolinium
gas fired heat pump
gas fired water heater
gas heat pump
gas spring
gas turbine
generator absorber heat exchange
geothermal heat pump
global warming
global warming potential
greenhouse gas
ground coil
ground coil design
ground coupled heat pump
ground heat exchanger
ground water
ground water heat pump
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harvest scheme
heat activated heat pump
heat and mass transfer
heat exchanger
heat exchanger modeling
heat flow measurement
heat flux assumption
heat only
heat pump
heat pump modeling
heat pump water heater
heat recovery
heat recovery unit
heat transfer
heat transfer coefficient
heat transfer correlation
heat transformer
heating capacity
heating only
heating seasonal performance
high back pressure
high efficiency
high efficiency air conditioner
high efficiency blower
high efficiency compressor
high efficiency fan
high efficiency motor
high R value
high temperature energy transport system
high velocity forced air
horizontal axis washer
horizontal ground coil
hospital load
hot water distribution system
hot water energy use
humidity control
HVAC control
HVAC equipment
hydraulic coupling
hydronic cooling
hydronic distribution system
hydronic heating
hysteresis loss
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ice harvest scheme
ice maker heat pump
ice packing density
ice storage
ideal gas
immersed condenser
in situ measurements
indoor air mover
indoor air quality
industrial boiler
industrial CHP
industrial cogeneration
industrial sector
inlet air cooling
inlet air humidification
institutional building
institutional issues
insulated tank
integrated active desiccant rooftop
integrated appliance
integrated energy system
interaction coefficients
interseasonal energy transfer
inverter driven induction motor
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K kinematic Stirling engine
Kyoto Protocol
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L laboratory test
latent capacity
latent cooling
latent COP
life cycle cost
linear compressor
linear engine
linear harmonic analysis
liquid cooled condenser
liquid desiccant
liquid overfeed
lithium chromate
low back pressure
low efficiency air conditioner
low grade heat
low temperature heat
low temperature refrigeration
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M magnetic coupling
magnetic refrigeration
maintenance cost
Malone cycle
market analysis
market assessment
market constraints
market penetration
market potential
mass transfer
mass transfer additive
mass transfer coefficient
mathematical model
measured hot water loads
metal hydride
method of test
micro fin
microprocessor control
mobile air conditioning
modular designs
modulating heat pump
moisture migration
molten salt
Montreal Protocol
motor current signature analysis
multi effect absorption
multiple source evaporator
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N n-hexane
national account
net energy analysis
night setback
nitrogen oxide
nonazeotropic refrigerant mixture
nonlinear analysis
nonmetallic piping
nuclear power
nuclear power plant
nucleate boiling
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O Oak Ridge National Laboratory
occupancy pattern
off design operation
on site generation
open cycle
operating data
organic Rankine
oscillating flow
overall efficiency
ozone depleting
ozone depletion
ozone safe
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P packaged systems
parallel arrangement
part load performance
peak demand
perforated foil insert
performance contract
performance data
permanaent magnet electronically commutated motor
pond aquaculture
pool boiling
power distribution
power electronic converter
power grid
power markets
power quality
power reliability
power transmission
pressure drop
preventive maintenance
primary energy
process steam
Programme of Research and Development on Advanced Heat Pump Systems
project financing
pulse combustion
pulse width modulated inverter
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R R-11
R-20 per inch
radiant cooling
radiant heating
rating procedure
reactive power
reactive supply
reactive-power management
real time energy
recip-engine driven generator
reciprocating engine
reciprocating flow
recovered heat
reference designs
refractive index
refrigerant charge
refrigerant flow meter
refrigerant loss
refrigerant mixture
refrigerant properties
refrigerated air conditioning
refrigerated display case
refrigeration cycle
refrigerator efficiency
refuse derived fuel
regeneration temperature
reject heat
research activities
residential load
residential water heater
reverse Brayton cycle
rooftop air conditioner
rooftop air conditioning
room air conditioner
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S schools
screening tool
seasonal cost of operation
seasonal energy efficiency ratio
seasonal performance factor
Seebeck effect
sensitivity study
series arrangement
shell and tube heat exchanger
short tube
simulation tool
singele effect absorption chiller
single effect absorption
single effect absorption chiller
single effect absorption cycle
single effect chiller
single solution cycle
single stage
small cogeneration
smooth tube
soil thermal conductivity
soil thermal diffusivity
solar assisted heat pump
solar powered absorption cycle
space heating
spine fin
spiny tube
St. Paul District Heating Demonstration Project
Static Synchronous Compensators
static VAR compensators
steady state
steady state efficiency
steam distribution system
steam expander
steam turbine
Stirling cycle
Stirling cycle heat pump
Stirling engine
storage tank
stratospheric ozone
subcritical flow
sulfur dioxide
supermarket refrigeration
supervisory controller
supply side conservation
swamp cooler
synchronous condensers
system financing
system heat losses
system model
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technical assessment
temperature amplifier
temperature boost
ternary mixture
ternary solution
test method
test procedure
test standard
thermal conductivity
thermal energy storage
thermal grid
thermal modeling
thermal storage
thermally activated technology
thermoacoustic refrigeration
thermodynamic properties
thermoelectric cooling
thermophysical properties
time of day rates
total energy recovery wheel
total energy system
total equivalent warming impact
transcritical CO2
transport properties
triple effect absorption chiller
two evaporator
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U U tube heat exchanger
unequal parallel compressors
utility program effectiveness
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V vacuum insulation
vapor compression cycle
variable capacity heat pump
variable speed compressor
variable speed drive
variable speed heat pump
ventilation air
vertical ground coil
vertical tube absorber
void fraction
voltage control
voltage source inverter
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W warm liquid defrost
washing machine
waste heat
water heater
water heater efficiency
water injection
water source heat pump
water to water heat pump
wavy fin
wavy flow
window air conditioner
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Z zeotropic mixture
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ABSIM Go to Top | Bottom
ABSORB Go to Top | Bottom
absorbent concentration Go to Top | Bottom
absorber Go to Top | Bottom
absorption Go to Top | Bottom
absorption chiller Go to Top | Bottom
absorption chiller-heater Go to Top | Bottom
absorption cycle Go to Top | Bottom
absorption fluid properties Go to Top | Bottom
absorption heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
absorption model Go to Top | Bottom
absorption modeling Go to Top | Bottom
accelerated life test Go to Top | Bottom
ACES Go to Top | Bottom
active desiccant Go to Top | Bottom
active desiccant module Go to Top | Bottom
add on heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
additive Go to Top | Bottom
adjustable speed drive Go to Top | Bottom
ADM Go to Top | Bottom
adsorption Go to Top | Bottom
adsorption cooling Go to Top | Bottom
adsorption heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
advanced appliance Go to Top | Bottom
advanced insulation Go to Top | Bottom
advanced microturbine system Go to Top | Bottom
air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
air conditioning Go to Top | Bottom
air cooled absorption chiller Go to Top | Bottom
air cycle Go to Top | Bottom
air pollution Go to Top | Bottom
air quality impact Go to Top | Bottom
air to air heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
air to water heat exchanger Go to Top | Bottom
alternative refrigerant Go to Top | Bottom
ammonia/water Go to Top | Bottom
AMTS Go to Top | Bottom
analytical model Go to Top | Bottom
ancillary benefit Go to Top | Bottom
ancillary service Go to Top | Bottom
annual cycle energy system Go to Top | Bottom
annual energy consumption Go to Top | Bottom
annual performance Go to Top | Bottom
annual performance factor Go to Top | Bottom
APF Go to Top | Bottom
appliance Go to Top | Bottom
appliance insulation Go to Top | Bottom
ASHRAE Standard 152P Go to Top | Bottom
ASHRAE Standard 62 Go to Top | Bottom
atmospheric lifetime Go to Top | Bottom
automatic defrost Go to Top | Bottom
automobile air conditioning Go to Top | Bottom
back pressure Go to Top | Bottom
back pressure steam turbine Go to Top | Bottom
BCHP Go to Top | Bottom
bi-radiant oven Go to Top | Bottom
binary mixture Go to Top | Bottom
blower Go to Top | Bottom
blowing agent Go to Top | Bottom
boiler population Go to Top | Bottom
bore field design Go to Top | Bottom
borehole Go to Top | Bottom
Braun linear engine Go to Top | Bottom
Brayton cycle Go to Top | Bottom
Brayton cycle heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
brazed plate heat exchanger Go to Top | Bottom
building technology Go to Top | Bottom
burner Go to Top | Bottom
capacity modulation Go to Top | Bottom
carbon monoxide Go to Top | Bottom
Carnahan-Starling-DeSantis Go to Top | Bottom
case study Go to Top | Bottom
CCHP Go to Top | Bottom
central air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
central heating equipment Go to Top | Bottom
centrifugal chiller Go to Top | Bottom
CFC Go to Top | Bottom
CFC alternatives Go to Top | Bottom
CFC-11 Go to Top | Bottom
CFC-113 Go to Top | Bottom
CFC-12 Go to Top | Bottom
charge inventory Go to Top | Bottom
chemical heat pipe Go to Top | Bottom
chlorofluorocarbon Go to Top | Bottom
CHP Go to Top | Bottom
CHP installed cost Go to Top | Bottom
chromate Go to Top | Bottom
circulating fan Go to Top | Bottom
CO Go to Top | Bottom
coal fired Go to Top | Bottom
coal fired power plant Go to Top | Bottom
coefficient of performance Go to Top | Bottom
cogeneration Go to Top | Bottom
cogeneration hot water distribution Go to Top | Bottom
cogeneration system cost Go to Top | Bottom
cogeneration system failure Go to Top | Bottom
college Go to Top | Bottom
combination appliance Go to Top | Bottom
combined appliance Go to Top | Bottom
combined cooling heating and power Go to Top | Bottom
combined heat and power Go to Top | Bottom
commercial appliance Go to Top | Bottom
commercial boiler Go to Top | Bottom
commercial building Go to Top | Bottom
commercial HVAC Go to Top | Bottom
commercial industrial boiler Go to Top | Bottom
commercial refrigeration Go to Top | Bottom
commercial sector Go to Top | Bottom
commercial water heater Go to Top | Bottom
composition shift Go to Top | Bottom
compressor Go to Top | Bottom
compressor map Go to Top | Bottom
compressor model Go to Top | Bottom
compressor performance Go to Top | Bottom
computational fluid dynamics Go to Top | Bottom
computer model Go to Top | Bottom
condensation Go to Top | Bottom
condenser modeling Go to Top | Bottom
condensing steam turbine Go to Top | Bottom
continuously variable-speed Go to Top | Bottom
conversion cost Go to Top | Bottom
cooling capacity Go to Top | Bottom
cooling heating and power Go to Top | Bottom
cooling seasonal performance Go to Top | Bottom
cooling water impact Go to Top | Bottom
COP Go to Top | Bottom
COP meter Go to Top | Bottom
corrosion Go to Top | Bottom
corrosion inhibitor Go to Top | Bottom
cost allocation Go to Top | Bottom
cost optimization Go to Top | Bottom
cost saving Go to Top | Bottom
coupled systems Go to Top | Bottom
crawl space heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
Cromer cycle Go to Top | Bottom
cryogenic Go to Top | Bottom
CSD Go to Top | Bottom
CYCLE-Z Go to Top | Bottom
cycling loss Go to Top | Bottom
cylinder heat transfer Go to Top | Bottom
data acquisition Go to Top | Bottom
data analysis Go to Top | Bottom
DCC Go to Top | Bottom
DE Go to Top | Bottom
DEAC Go to Top | Bottom
decentralized small cogeneration Go to Top | Bottom
dedicated outdoor air system Go to Top | Bottom
deemed energy saving Go to Top | Bottom
defrosting loss Go to Top | Bottom
dehumidification Go to Top | Bottom
dehumidifier Go to Top | Bottom
dehumidify Go to Top | Bottom
demand charges Go to Top | Bottom
demand reduction Go to Top | Bottom
demand saving Go to Top | Bottom
demand side conservation Go to Top | Bottom
demand side management Go to Top | Bottom
density Go to Top | Bottom
Department of Energy Go to Top | Bottom
der Go to Top | Bottom
deregulation Go to Top | Bottom
desiccant Go to Top | Bottom
desiccant dehumidification Go to Top | Bottom
desiccant dehumidifier Go to Top | Bottom
desiccant enhanced air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
desiccant loading Go to Top | Bottom
desiccant wheel speed Go to Top | Bottom
design method Go to Top | Bottom
design model Go to Top | Bottom
design software Go to Top | Bottom
design tool Go to Top | Bottom
desuperheater Go to Top | Bottom
DG Go to Top | Bottom
DHW Go to Top | Bottom
diagnostic Go to Top | Bottom
diaphragm coupled compressor Go to Top | Bottom
dimethylether Go to Top | Bottom
direct expansion ground coil Go to Top | Bottom
direct fired desiccant Go to Top | Bottom
distillation column Go to Top | Bottom
distributed energy Go to Top | Bottom
distributed energy reference designs Go to Top | Bottom
distributed energy resource Go to Top | Bottom
distributed generation Go to Top | Bottom
distribution system Go to Top | Bottom
distribution system efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
distribution system losses Go to Top | Bottom
district cooling Go to Top | Bottom
district energy Go to Top | Bottom
district energy system Go to Top | Bottom
district heating Go to Top | Bottom
DME Go to Top | Bottom
DOAS Go to Top | Bottom
DOE Go to Top | Bottom
domestic hot water Go to Top | Bottom
domestic hot water distribution Go to Top | Bottom
double effect absorption chiller Go to Top | Bottom
dual loop Go to Top | Bottom
dual stroke compressor Go to Top | Bottom
duct efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
duct insulation Go to Top | Bottom
durability test Go to Top | Bottom
DXGC Go to Top | Bottom
dynamic loss Go to Top | Bottom
E-125 Go to Top | Bottom
E-143a Go to Top | Bottom
earth coupled heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
ECM Go to Top | Bottom
economic analysis Go to Top | Bottom
economic assessment Go to Top | Bottom
economic comparison Go to Top | Bottom
economic evaluation Go to Top | Bottom
economic growth Go to Top | Bottom
economics Go to Top | Bottom
EER Go to Top | Bottom
efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
ejector heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
electric air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
electric chiller Go to Top | Bottom
electric demand Go to Top | Bottom
electric generation Go to Top | Bottom
electric grid Go to Top | Bottom
electric heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
electric load leveling Go to Top | Bottom
electric power Go to Top | Bottom
electric power plant Go to Top | Bottom
electric reliability Go to Top | Bottom
electric utility Go to Top | Bottom
electric water heater Go to Top | Bottom
electrical demand Go to Top | Bottom
electricity deregulation Go to Top | Bottom
electricity generation Go to Top | Bottom
electricity only Go to Top | Bottom
electricity prices Go to Top | Bottom
electronically modulated motor Go to Top | Bottom
emissions Go to Top | Bottom
end user conservation Go to Top | Bottom
endurance testing Go to Top | Bottom
energy conservation Go to Top | Bottom
energy consumption Go to Top | Bottom
energy consumption database Go to Top | Bottom
energy efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
energy efficiency ratio Go to Top | Bottom
energy efficient appliance Go to Top | Bottom
energy resource Go to Top | Bottom
energy saving Go to Top | Bottom
energy saving potential Go to Top | Bottom
energy savings performance contract Go to Top | Bottom
energy storage Go to Top | Bottom
energy use Go to Top | Bottom
enery efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
engine driven heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
enhanced heat transfer Go to Top | Bottom
entering water temperature Go to Top | Bottom
enthalpy Go to Top | Bottom
enthalpy wheel Go to Top | Bottom
entropy Go to Top | Bottom
environmental impact Go to Top | Bottom
environmental regulation Go to Top | Bottom
EPRI Go to Top | Bottom
equation of state Go to Top | Bottom
equipment cost data base Go to Top | Bottom
ESCO Go to Top | Bottom
ESPC Go to Top | Bottom
ETFE Go to Top | Bottom
ethyltetrahydro furfuryl Go to Top | Bottom
evacuated panel insulation Go to Top | Bottom
evaporation Go to Top | Bottom
evaporative cooling Go to Top | Bottom
exhaust fired Go to Top | Bottom
expansion device Go to Top | Bottom
external heat system Go to Top | Bottom
falling film Go to Top | Bottom
fan coil Go to Top | Bottom
fan efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
feedbach mechanisms Go to Top | Bottom
field data acquisition Go to Top | Bottom
field test Go to Top | Bottom
filter replacement Go to Top | Bottom
financial incentive Go to Top | Bottom
flammable refrigerant Go to Top | Bottom
floating head pressure Go to Top | Bottom
flow boiling Go to Top | Bottom
fluid heating Go to Top | Bottom
fluid properties Go to Top | Bottom
fluidyne Go to Top | Bottom
forced air cooling Go to Top | Bottom
forced air distribution Go to Top | Bottom
forced air heating Go to Top | Bottom
forced convection Go to Top | Bottom
forced ventilation Go to Top | Bottom
Fort Polk Go to Top | Bottom
four effect absorption chiller Go to Top | Bottom
four effect chiller Go to Top | Bottom
FPSE Go to Top | Bottom
free piston Stirling engine Go to Top | Bottom
freezer Go to Top | Bottom
frosting loss Go to Top | Bottom
frostless heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
fuel cell Go to Top | Bottom
fuel cell/gas turbine hybrid Go to Top | Bottom
fuel conservation Go to Top | Bottom
gadolinium Go to Top | Bottom
gas fired heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
gas fired water heater Go to Top | Bottom
gas heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
gas spring Go to Top | Bottom
gas turbine Go to Top | Bottom
GAX Go to Top | Bottom
GCHP Go to Top | Bottom
generator Go to Top | Bottom
generator absorber heat exchange Go to Top | Bottom
geothermal heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
GHP Go to Top | Bottom
global warming Go to Top | Bottom
global warming potential Go to Top | Bottom
greenhouse gas Go to Top | Bottom
ground coil Go to Top | Bottom
ground coil design Go to Top | Bottom
ground coupled heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
ground heat exchanger Go to Top | Bottom
ground water Go to Top | Bottom
ground water heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
GTI Go to Top | Bottom
GWP Go to Top | Bottom
HAHP Go to Top | Bottom
halon Go to Top | Bottom
harvest scheme Go to Top | Bottom
HCFC Go to Top | Bottom
HCFC-123 Go to Top | Bottom
HCFC-124 Go to Top | Bottom
HCFC-141b Go to Top | Bottom
HCFC-22 Go to Top | Bottom
heat activated heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
heat and mass transfer Go to Top | Bottom
heat exchanger Go to Top | Bottom
heat exchanger modeling Go to Top | Bottom
heat flow measurement Go to Top | Bottom
heat flux assumption Go to Top | Bottom
heat only Go to Top | Bottom
heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
heat pump modeling Go to Top | Bottom
heat pump water heater Go to Top | Bottom
heat recovery Go to Top | Bottom
heat recovery unit Go to Top | Bottom
heat transfer Go to Top | Bottom
heat transfer coefficient Go to Top | Bottom
heat transfer correlation Go to Top | Bottom
heat transformer Go to Top | Bottom
heating capacity Go to Top | Bottom
heating only Go to Top | Bottom
heating seasonal performance Go to Top | Bottom
HFC Go to Top | Bottom
HFC-125 Go to Top | Bottom
HFC-134 Go to Top | Bottom
HFC-134a Go to Top | Bottom
HFC-145a Go to Top | Bottom
HFC-152a Go to Top | Bottom
HFC-32 Go to Top | Bottom
high back pressure Go to Top | Bottom
high efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
high efficiency air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
high efficiency blower Go to Top | Bottom
high efficiency compressor Go to Top | Bottom
high efficiency fan Go to Top | Bottom
high efficiency motor Go to Top | Bottom
high R value Go to Top | Bottom
high temperature energy transport system Go to Top | Bottom
high velocity forced air Go to Top | Bottom
horizontal axis washer Go to Top | Bottom
horizontal ground coil Go to Top | Bottom
hospital load Go to Top | Bottom
hot water distribution system Go to Top | Bottom
hot water energy use Go to Top | Bottom
HPDM Go to Top | Bottom
HPWH Go to Top | Bottom
HRU Go to Top | Bottom
HSPF Go to Top | Bottom
humidity control Go to Top | Bottom
HVAC Go to Top | Bottom
HVAC control Go to Top | Bottom
HVAC equipment Go to Top | Bottom
HWPW Go to Top | Bottom
HX Go to Top | Bottom
hydraulic coupling Go to Top | Bottom
hydrochlorofluorocarbon Go to Top | Bottom
hydrofluorocarbon Go to Top | Bottom
hydronic cooling Go to Top | Bottom
hydronic distribution system Go to Top | Bottom
hydronic heating Go to Top | Bottom
hysteresis loss Go to Top | Bottom
IADR Go to Top | Bottom
IAQ Go to Top | Bottom
ice harvest scheme Go to Top | Bottom
ice maker heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
ice packing density Go to Top | Bottom
ice storage Go to Top | Bottom
ideal gas Go to Top | Bottom
IEA Go to Top | Bottom
IES Go to Top | Bottom
immersed condenser Go to Top | Bottom
in situ measurements Go to Top | Bottom
indoor air mover Go to Top | Bottom
indoor air quality Go to Top | Bottom
industrial boiler Go to Top | Bottom
industrial CHP Go to Top | Bottom
industrial cogeneration Go to Top | Bottom
industrial sector Go to Top | Bottom
infiltration Go to Top | Bottom
inlet air cooling Go to Top | Bottom
inlet air humidification Go to Top | Bottom
institutional building Go to Top | Bottom
institutional issues Go to Top | Bottom
insulated tank Go to Top | Bottom
insulation Go to Top | Bottom
integrated active desiccant rooftop Go to Top | Bottom
integrated appliance Go to Top | Bottom
integrated energy system Go to Top | Bottom
interaction coefficients Go to Top | Bottom
interseasonal energy transfer Go to Top | Bottom
inverter driven induction motor Go to Top | Bottom
IPCC Go to Top | Bottom
kinematic Stirling engine Go to Top | Bottom
Kyoto Protocol Go to Top | Bottom
laboratory test Go to Top | Bottom
latent capacity Go to Top | Bottom
latent cooling Go to Top | Bottom
latent COP Go to Top | Bottom
Lee-Kesler-Plöcker Go to Top | Bottom
LiBr/H2O Go to Top | Bottom
LiCl/H2O Go to Top | Bottom
life cycle cost Go to Top | Bottom
linear compressor Go to Top | Bottom
linear engine Go to Top | Bottom
linear harmonic analysis Go to Top | Bottom
liquid cooled condenser Go to Top | Bottom
liquid desiccant Go to Top | Bottom
liquid overfeed Go to Top | Bottom
lithium chromate Go to Top | Bottom
LKP Go to Top | Bottom
LOF Go to Top | Bottom
Lorenz-Meutzner Go to Top | Bottom
low back pressure Go to Top | Bottom
low efficiency air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
low grade heat Go to Top | Bottom
low temperature heat Go to Top | Bottom
low temperature refrigeration Go to Top | Bottom
magnetic coupling Go to Top | Bottom
magnetic refrigeration Go to Top | Bottom
maintenance cost Go to Top | Bottom
Malone cycle Go to Top | Bottom
market analysis Go to Top | Bottom
market assessment Go to Top | Bottom
market constraints Go to Top | Bottom
market penetration Go to Top | Bottom
market potential Go to Top | Bottom
mass transfer Go to Top | Bottom
mass transfer additive Go to Top | Bottom
mass transfer coefficient Go to Top | Bottom
mathematical model Go to Top | Bottom
measured hot water loads Go to Top | Bottom
metal hydride Go to Top | Bottom
method of test Go to Top | Bottom
micro fin Go to Top | Bottom
micropower Go to Top | Bottom
microprocessor control Go to Top | Bottom
microturbine Go to Top | Bottom
mobile air conditioning Go to Top | Bottom
MODCON Go to Top | Bottom
modular designs Go to Top | Bottom
modulating heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
moisture migration Go to Top | Bottom
molten salt Go to Top | Bottom
Montreal Protocol Go to Top | Bottom
motor current signature analysis Go to Top | Bottom
multi effect absorption Go to Top | Bottom
multiple source evaporator Go to Top | Bottom
n-hexane Go to Top | Bottom
NAECA Go to Top | Bottom
NARM Go to Top | Bottom
national account Go to Top | Bottom
net energy analysis Go to Top | Bottom
NH3/H2O Go to Top | Bottom
NH3/H2O/LiBr Go to Top | Bottom
night setback Go to Top | Bottom
nitrogen oxide Go to Top | Bottom
nonazeotropic Go to Top | Bottom
nonazeotropic refrigerant mixture Go to Top | Bottom
nonlinear analysis Go to Top | Bottom
nonmetallic piping Go to Top | Bottom
NOx Go to Top | Bottom
nuclear power Go to Top | Bottom
nuclear power plant Go to Top | Bottom
nucleate boiling Go to Top | Bottom
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Go to Top | Bottom
occupancy pattern Go to Top | Bottom
off design operation Go to Top | Bottom
Oklahoma Go to Top | Bottom
on site generation Go to Top | Bottom
open cycle Go to Top | Bottom
operating data Go to Top | Bottom
optimization Go to Top | Bottom
organic Rankine Go to Top | Bottom
orifice Go to Top | Bottom
ORNL Go to Top | Bottom
oscillating flow Go to Top | Bottom
overall efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
ozone depleting Go to Top | Bottom
ozone depletion Go to Top | Bottom
ozone safe Go to Top | Bottom
packaged systems Go to Top | Bottom
parallel arrangement Go to Top | Bottom
part load performance Go to Top | Bottom
peak demand Go to Top | Bottom
perforated foil insert Go to Top | Bottom
performance contract Go to Top | Bottom
performance data Go to Top | Bottom
permanaent magnet electronically commutated motor Go to Top | Bottom
PJM Go to Top | Bottom
PM-ECM Go to Top | Bottom
pond aquaculture Go to Top | Bottom
pool boiling Go to Top | Bottom
porous Go to Top | Bottom
power distribution Go to Top | Bottom
power electronic converter Go to Top | Bottom
power grid Go to Top | Bottom
power markets Go to Top | Bottom
power quality Go to Top | Bottom
power reliability Go to Top | Bottom
power transmission Go to Top | Bottom
pre-conditioning Go to Top | Bottom
pre-treatment Go to Top | Bottom
pressure drop Go to Top | Bottom
preventive maintenance Go to Top | Bottom
primary energy Go to Top | Bottom
process steam Go to Top | Bottom
Programme of Research and Development on Advanced Heat Pump Systems Go to Top | Bottom
project financing Go to Top | Bottom
PTX Go to Top | Bottom
pulse combustion Go to Top | Bottom
pulse width modulated inverter Go to Top | Bottom
PWMI Go to Top | Bottom
R-11 Go to Top | Bottom
R-113 Go to Top | Bottom
R-114 Go to Top | Bottom
R-115 Go to Top | Bottom
R-12 Go to Top | Bottom
R-123 Go to Top | Bottom
R-123a Go to Top | Bottom
R-124 Go to Top | Bottom
R-124 Go to Top | Bottom
R-125 Go to Top | Bottom
R-13 Go to Top | Bottom
R-133a Go to Top | Bottom
R-134 Go to Top | Bottom
R-134a Go to Top | Bottom
R-13B1 Go to Top | Bottom
R-141b Go to Top | Bottom
R-142b Go to Top | Bottom
R-143a Go to Top | Bottom
R-152a Go to Top | Bottom
R-20 per inch Go to Top | Bottom
R-22 Go to Top | Bottom
R-290 Go to Top | Bottom
R-32 Go to Top | Bottom
R-407C Go to Top | Bottom
R-410A Go to Top | Bottom
R-500 Go to Top | Bottom
R-502 Go to Top | Bottom
radiant cooling Go to Top | Bottom
radiant heating Go to Top | Bottom
radiator Go to Top | Bottom
rating procedure Go to Top | Bottom
reactive power Go to Top | Bottom
reactive supply Go to Top | Bottom
reactive-power management Go to Top | Bottom
real time energy Go to Top | Bottom
rebates Go to Top | Bottom
recip-engine driven generator Go to Top | Bottom
reciprocating engine Go to Top | Bottom
reciprocating flow Go to Top | Bottom
recovered heat Go to Top | Bottom
reference designs Go to Top | Bottom
refractive index Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerant Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerant charge Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerant flow meter Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerant loss Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerant mixture Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerant properties Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerants Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerated air conditioning Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerated display case Go to Top | Bottom
refrigeration Go to Top | Bottom
refrigeration cycle Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerator Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerator efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
refrigerator/freezer Go to Top | Bottom
refuse derived fuel Go to Top | Bottom
regeneration temperature Go to Top | Bottom
regenerator Go to Top | Bottom
reject heat Go to Top | Bottom
research activities Go to Top | Bottom
residential load Go to Top | Bottom
residential water heater Go to Top | Bottom
reverse Brayton cycle Go to Top | Bottom
rooftop air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
rooftop air conditioning Go to Top | Bottom
room air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
schools Go to Top | Bottom
screening tool Go to Top | Bottom
seasonal cost of operation Go to Top | Bottom
seasonal energy efficiency ratio Go to Top | Bottom
seasonal performance factor Go to Top | Bottom
Seebeck effect Go to Top | Bottom
SEER Go to Top | Bottom
sensitivity study Go to Top | Bottom
series arrangement Go to Top | Bottom
shell and tube heat exchanger Go to Top | Bottom
short tube Go to Top | Bottom
simulation tool Go to Top | Bottom
singele effect absorption chiller Go to Top | Bottom
single effect absorption Go to Top | Bottom
single effect absorption chiller Go to Top | Bottom
single effect absorption cycle Go to Top | Bottom
single effect chiller Go to Top | Bottom
single solution cycle Go to Top | Bottom
single stage Go to Top | Bottom
small cogeneration Go to Top | Bottom
smooth tube Go to Top | Bottom
SO2 Go to Top | Bottom
soil thermal conductivity Go to Top | Bottom
soil thermal diffusivity Go to Top | Bottom
solar assisted heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
solar powered absorption cycle Go to Top | Bottom
space heating Go to Top | Bottom
spine fin Go to Top | Bottom
spiny tube Go to Top | Bottom
St. Paul District Heating Demonstration Project Go to Top | Bottom
STATCOM Go to Top | Bottom
Static Synchronous Compensators Go to Top | Bottom
static VAR compensators Go to Top | Bottom
steady state Go to Top | Bottom
steady state efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
steam distribution system Go to Top | Bottom
steam expander Go to Top | Bottom
steam turbine Go to Top | Bottom
steam/Rankine Go to Top | Bottom
Stirling cycle Go to Top | Bottom
Stirling cycle heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
Stirling engine Go to Top | Bottom
storage tank Go to Top | Bottom
stratospheric ozone Go to Top | Bottom
subcooling Go to Top | Bottom
subcritical flow Go to Top | Bottom
sulfur dioxide Go to Top | Bottom
supermarket refrigeration Go to Top | Bottom
supervisory controller Go to Top | Bottom
supply side conservation Go to Top | Bottom
swamp cooler Go to Top | Bottom
synchronous condensers Go to Top | Bottom
system financing Go to Top | Bottom
system heat losses Go to Top | Bottom
system model Go to Top | Bottom
TAT Go to Top | Bottom
technical assessment Go to Top | Bottom
temperature amplifier Go to Top | Bottom
temperature boost Go to Top | Bottom
ternary mixture Go to Top | Bottom
ternary solution Go to Top | Bottom
TES Go to Top | Bottom
test method Go to Top | Bottom
test procedure Go to Top | Bottom
test standard Go to Top | Bottom
TEWI Go to Top | Bottom
thermal conductivity Go to Top | Bottom
thermal energy storage Go to Top | Bottom
thermal grid Go to Top | Bottom
thermal modeling Go to Top | Bottom
thermal storage Go to Top | Bottom
thermally activated technology Go to Top | Bottom
thermionic Go to Top | Bottom
thermoacoustic refrigeration Go to Top | Bottom
thermodynamic properties Go to Top | Bottom
thermoelectric cooling Go to Top | Bottom
thermophysical properties Go to Top | Bottom
time of day rates Go to Top | Bottom
total energy recovery wheel Go to Top | Bottom
total energy system Go to Top | Bottom
total equivalent warming impact Go to Top | Bottom
transcritical CO2 Go to Top | Bottom
transport properties Go to Top | Bottom
triple effect absorption chiller Go to Top | Bottom
TRNSYS Go to Top | Bottom
two evaporator Go to Top | Bottom
U tube heat exchanger Go to Top | Bottom
unequal parallel compressors Go to Top | Bottom
university Go to Top | Bottom
utility program effectiveness Go to Top | Bottom
vacuum insulation Go to Top | Bottom
vapor compression cycle Go to Top | Bottom
variable capacity heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
variable speed compressor Go to Top | Bottom
variable speed drive Go to Top | Bottom
variable speed heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
ventilation Go to Top | Bottom
ventilation air Go to Top | Bottom
vertical ground coil Go to Top | Bottom
vertical tube absorber Go to Top | Bottom
void fraction Go to Top | Bottom
voltage control Go to Top | Bottom
voltage source inverter Go to Top | Bottom
warm liquid defrost Go to Top | Bottom
washing machine Go to Top | Bottom
waste heat Go to Top | Bottom
water heater Go to Top | Bottom
water heater efficiency Go to Top | Bottom
water injection Go to Top | Bottom
water source heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
water to water heat pump Go to Top | Bottom
wavy fin Go to Top | Bottom
wavy flow Go to Top | Bottom
window air conditioner Go to Top | Bottom
zeotropic mixture Go to Top | Bottom
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