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A Survey of Advanced Heat Pump Development for Space Conditioning
March 1981
P. D. Fairchild
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

Abstract: Because of the heat pump's appeal as an energy conservation tool and its potential impacts on electric and gas utilities, a great deal of recent attention has been focused on this type of space conditioning equipment by national energy research organizations. This paper presents a survey of heat pump RD&D projects with special emphasis on those supported by the Department of Energy, the Electric Power Research Institute, and the Gas Research Intstitute.

Looking ahead to the residential and commercial space conditioning needs of the future, it is apparent that heat pumps will play an important role in this energy use sector. This is emphasized by the remarkable growth in sales of electric air-to-air heat pumps during the last few years and the extensive heat pump research and development activities under way in the United States and abroad.

At Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), we have been conducting in-house research on heat pumps since 1976, and since 1978 we have assisted in managing a contracted RD&D program for the Department of Energy (DOE) on residential and commercial heat pumps. This assignment has given us an opportunity to interface with many other organizations supporting and/or conducting similar R&D work. It is the intent of this paper, then, to present a survey of these projects (whether recently completed, ongoing, or about to start).

Keywords: heat pump, DOE, EPRI, GTI

National Technology Information Service
U.S. Department of Commerce
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, Virginia 22161

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Presented at:
Eighth Energy Technology Conference and Exhibition
Washington, DC
March 9-11, 1981
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