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The DOE EER Research Reports database of technical publications is organized into eight major categories of research activities. Each of these categories may be divided into groupings of reports by research areas as illustrated below. Each of the entries in this illustration is a link to the publications in that particular area. Some of these headings (e.g. "Absorption Chillers & Heat Pumps") are links to tables with more specialized groupings of research activities (e.g. "air-cooled chiller and heat pump technologies").

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       Thermally-Activated Technologies    Absorption Chillers & Heat Pumps
Engine-Driven Heat Pumps
Desiccant Space Conditioning Systems
Other Novel Cycles & Systems
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   Advanced Appliance Research     Domestic Refrigerators & Freezers
Water Heaters
Advanced Insulation for Appliances
Bi-Radiant Ovens and Other Appliances
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  Commercial Refrigeration   Supermarket Refrigeration
  Electrically-Driven Heat Pumps   Annual Cycle Energy System (ACES)
Advanced Cycle Development
Fluids Development
Geothermal Heat Pumps
Room & Window Air Conditioners
Other Publications
  Power Systems Reliability & Power Quality
Reactive Power
  Distributed Energy Resources and
Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power 
Integrated Energy Systems
CHP Integration Testing
DER & CHP Analysis
District Energy
Industrial CHP
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