The Department of Energy (DOE) participates in collaborative international activities through the IEA Heat Pump Programme (HPP) to ensure that the results of international research efforts are used to the maximum benefit of DOE’s programmatic goals. Participation in the IEA HPP provides awareness and insight to the latest International R&D and technology developments (notably in Asia and Europe) directed toward improved buildings energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) manages the IEA HPP U.S. National Team for the on behalf of DOE’s Building Technologies Program. The U.S. National Team is made up of members from industry, university, government, and non-profit organizations.

IEA HPP participants collaborate on projects applying advanced heat pumping technologies such as heat pumps, air conditioning and related refrigeration technologies (including working fluids) to building energy services (heating cooling, water heating, humidity control, etc.). The program also benefits from HPP interactions with non-IEA members such as China and Eastern European countries.

The U.S. National team meets three to four times a year. The team provides input to the U.S. delegate who represents U.S. interests at the IEA’s HPP Executive Committee (ExCo) meetings and the annual Fall Planning Meeting.




The EA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter/journal. The aim with the newsletter is to present heat pump technology, markets and market development, and information from annexes in the Programme.
All the Heat Pump Centre newsletters that have been published since 1983 are now available online at our website. Archived Newsletters

IEA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter

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